And The Cicada Sings - Louis G. Ferrin

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And The Cicada Sings (English, Italian)
E La Cicala Canta


When I am gone, do not come to the stone, do not ask for me, I will not be there.  Far, very far away I will be.  I will be high, flying among the stars, looking, I will for shapes and forms, and free, I will be away from it all.  Don't bring me flowers, don't bring them to me, let them grow old, let them sow their seed on the wind, and then you may pick the skeletons when their mission is done.  Don't wait too long, don't just look you must see.  Stop along the way.  See the flowers of the field, look and see the wonderous colours of their forms, what an intellect must have taken, only a God could have it done.  Why, why is the question, why, why such a beauty, why not ugliness in nature?  Please, please, don't pick the flowers of the field, let them smile to the sun and to God.  Come and see me now, if you want, when I am gone it will be too late, don't come to the stone then I will not be there, thank God, I will be gone.

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  And The Cicada Sings
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