And The Cicada Sings - Louis G. Ferrin

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And The Cicada Sings (English, Italian)
E La Cicala Canta

The Lake

Fresh grass wet from the night dew, footprints left; small lake before sun up, among shadows of bamboo, hiding the mallard still asleep.  Slant of light searching the shadow, the frog begging the sun.  Robin calls for the sun, echoing the blackbird not far away.  Shines the sun full of memories, smells, stagnant water, the heron on one leg, among the weeds is watching; watching the mallard, looking for a place to put the egg, the new brood.  Sparkling new tall green cattails from deep down roots, large green leaves of lilies where the coot rests it's black body; peace, music, offering of nature; how beautiful you are this morning, fresh grass, wet from the night dew.

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  And The Cicada Sings
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