I Quindici Migliaia di Gettysburg - Louis G. Ferrin

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I Quindici Migliaia di Gettysburg (Inglese)

Changes (Modifiche)

Warm the wind from the south
bringing new smells,
of machines, harvest of corn
and soybean; the maple changes.

Changes of colours of shapes,
leaves begin to fall
floating down to the ground,
like wounded doves.

Autumn late flowers,
changing to myriad of purple hues,
and wild yellow sunflowers
feeds the golden finch.

Sounds of wild geese in the air
beating the wind as an arrow
calling, the need to go,
there, where the warm wind is from.

Changes, short flight, spreads of wings
to his mate, the beautiful swan.
Changes time to go,
where the warm wind is coming from.

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