Louis G. Ferrin

Creations by Artist Louis G. Ferrin

To Art Lovers or Collectors:

These items of artwork were created by
Louis G. Ferrin who was born in southern Italy in 1930 from a family of artisans and where he graduated from a technical and industrial high school.  He earned his art degree at the University of Wisconsin.  Although his subjects are varied, he always returns to nature and wildlife.  The return to nature is like returning to his motherland as he dedicates his art to the images of trees, skies, birds, wildlife, his youth, and his always beautiful, native land.  These pieces are designed to bring life into motion.  A keepsake or an investment, his work is admired as nature is —
because they are pieces of nature.

 Nature Gallery: 
  Sepia and Pen | Oil | Watercolor | Sculpture

  And The Cicada Sings
  The Fifteen Thousand of Gettysburg

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