Contacting and Purchasing Books
Author of "Medicine and Human Anatomy" and "Geometry" Assyrian books.
Posted:  January 23, 1999   5:31 PM

To purchase these books (sold together), please print this form, fill in the necessary information and then mail it with your check or money order to the address below.  Thank you.

Personal Information (where we will ship the books to...)
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Quantity Description Price Total
  Medicine and Human Anatomy & Geometry books (both books) $35.00
U.S. Funds
  United States add $3.00
Europe, Australia, Canada add $8.00
Middle East add $15.00
Please make check payable to:  Gabriel Kenoun TOTAL  
Mailing Address (send this completed form with your check to...)
Gabriel Kenoun
925 Leamington Ave.
Glenview, IL. 60025
United States of America