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Upcoming Issue of J.A.A.S.
by Nadia E. Joseph - Editor
Posted: Thursday, July 20, 2000 03:10 pm CST

The Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society, Volume 12, No. 2, 2000 is scheduled for publication and distribution by August 31, 2000. The forthcoming issue will have a new look--complete with a cover that brings Assyrian historical images to life.

The Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society (JAAS) is a bi-annual publication that is devoted to an interdisciplinary study of research on Assyrians. Its scope is wide-ranging. To date, JAAS publishes a broad range of issues related to Assyrian history, ethnography, linguistics, poetry, and oral history. Areas of research interest comprise varying fields such as: cultural studies, comparative and cross-disciplinary historical literature, national and religious diversification. The main objective of JAAS is to encourage intellectual diversity of ideas and research questions by expanding the scope of the Journal to facilitate stronger linkages between multi-disciplinary fields of academic research topics.

Future issues of JAAS will include a section in Arabic, making the Journal a leading periodical on Assyrian history, language and culture in three languages--English, Assyrian and Arabic. The JAAS Editorial Board welcomes three new editors and two advisory members to its staff: Raman Michael (Technical Editor); Shamasha Namrood Sheba (Assyrian Language Technical Editor); and Saad Saadi (Arabic Language Editor).

Abdul-Massih Saadi and Robert DeKelaita are JAAS Advisory board members. Below is a list of articles to appear in JAAS, Volume 12, No. 2, 2000 issue.

English Section: John Ameer, Simmons College "Flight"

Simo Parpola, University of Helsinki "Assyrians After Assyria"

Abdul-Massih Saadi, Lutheran School of Theology "The Scythe of the Ottomans and the Decimation of the Assyrian Nation Walid Phares, Florida Atlantic University "Minority Christians in the Middle East"

Assyrian Section: Zaia Kanon, JAAS Assyrian Language Editor, Assyrian Academic Society "R'wakha ou' R'wasa [The use of two vowels, O' and U' in Assyrian]

Oraham Yalda Oraham, JAAS Assyrian Language Editor, Assyrian Academic Society "Lit Katawa b'shima 'wakhli' ou' la 'barwakhli', ya katawan myaqrae [The misinterpretation of a word for a proper name, 'wakhli' and 'barwakhli'] Khoshaba P'nuel, Independent Researcher "Siqlat breeta" [The Adornment of the Universe] Samir Jonah, Loma Linda University, Department of Oncology "Kha shobea R'qeemayeh ou' maplakhtea gow shula ou' boosayah asyaya" [Computers and their use in Medical Practice and Research] Abraham Nuoro, Independent Researcher (Syria and Lebanon) "Shlamalakh Urmia" [Hello Urmia]

Robin Bet-Shmuel, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq "Zowna dim Zabanta" [The Selling Era]

Gabriel Gawrieh, Friends of the Syriac Language Association (Syria) "Ubah d'ema" [The Mothers Embrace]

Gawrieh's article in Syriac. He translated the poem from Arabic written by: Rashid Salim al-Khuri (Syriac Maronite Poet). The Arabic version is entitled: "huthun" al-Umm"

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