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In Memory of Malfouno Naoum Fayiq

Posted: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 at 10:48 AM CT

In memory of Malfouno Naoum Fayiq, the master of the national unity, a new book by Aprim Shapera.

A new book, in Arabic, has just been published to commemorate Malfouno Naoum Fayiq’s significant contribution to the concept of Assyrian national unity. The work is authored by Aprim Shapera, a prolific writer and frequent lecturer on subjects relating to Assyrian national identity.

The book’s appearance is enhanced by an attractive cover portrait prepared by the renowned Assyrian artist, Hanna Al-Hayik.  Following the Introduction (by Chamon Danho of Sargon House), the book consists of three distinct Parts, as follows:

Part I : Naoum Fayiq as an Assyrian Martyr
· A Question
· Concept of the Assyrian Martyr
· Naoum Fayiq : Straggle and Sacrifice
· Evidence of the Master’s Sacrifices
· An Answer

Part II : Church and the Nation in Naoum Fayiq’s Thought
· Preface
· Understanding Naoum Fayiq’s Thought
· Fundamental Principles
· Resources of Naoum Fayiq’s Thought
  o Religious Resources
  o National Resources

· Means of Achieving Naoum Fayiq’s Thought on Journalism
  o Writing & Poetry
  o Teaching & Oratory

· Applications of Naoum Fayiq’s Thought

· On Churchly & Denominational Level
· On National & Political Level

· Conclusion

Part III : National Unity Among Naoum Fayiq and Fared Nus’ha and its Contemporary Applications:
· Preface
· Naoum Fayiq and National Unity
· If we want progress let us be united : by Naoum Fayiq
· Fared Nus’ha by Fared Nus’ha
· The Meaning of “Syriac Aramaic Assyrian Chaldean” Nation and today’s Applications
· A Comparative Review Between The Master and the Student
· Opinion on Church and Clergy

Conclusion: The Immortality of the Master

Copies of this new book may be ordered from Sargon House, address:

Sargons Bokforlag
Box 4107
151 04 Sodertalije – SWEDEN
Tel/Fax : + 46 8 550 86285

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