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Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 at 09:57 AM CT

eBeth Arké: The Syriac Digital Library is a collection of out-of-copyright books, journal articles, pictures, and music recordings, to be made available on the Internet in an eLibrary, bringing this material to every classroom, library, and home. Led by Beth Mardutho in partnership with major university libraries, eBeth Arké is the first collection of published material on Syriac studies in electronic form using the latest in eBook technology.

This costly project is made possible by the financial support of generous contributors. We are in need of much further contributions to make these books available. Please support us if you can. Financial supporters will be acknowledged on the eLibrary web site. Grant donors may choose to have a collection in the library under their name, or the name of a loved one.

The project is associated with a Library Partnership program that allows partner libraries to hold the entire collection locally on their computers. Library partners include Brigham Young University, Brown University, Princeton Theological Seminary, The Catholic University of America, and many others.

Your financial support is crucial in making this project a success. Help us globalize our heritage. Thank you.

George Kiraz and the Syriac Digital Library

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