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Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 at 12:04 PM CT

The Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (2000) was built on the foundations laid by the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies, Macquarie University (1993-2000).

In order to achieve its future objectives, it was decided in 2000 that the Centre reform, rename, and reconstitute itself as an independent, educational, incorporated legal entity, named The Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Already servicing students from the University of Technology Sydney (Broadway Campus), University of Western Sydney and Macquarie University, it has now consolidated an inter-varsity presence in its affiliation with the Shalom Institute and housing within Shalom College at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

From this central geographic location it is anticipated that the Institute will become the Australian leader in teaching, research and education within the field of Holocaust and genocide studies.

For more information on the AIHGS, visit

The first online Genocide Studies course in 2002 will commence on 4 February, 2002.

Please find following a breakdown of the components of the packages available to those interested in taking this unique study opportunity:

Option 1. Live course (Sydney Metro institutional students only-physical attendance required).
CONTENT: 25 lectures. 6 films. 6 tutorials one every alternate week to film. 750 page reading book, marking of three essays, tabulation of results, forwarding of results to home institution.

Option 2. Online course WITH tutes and essay marking.
CONTENT: 25 Lectures on audio cassette, 12 films on CDROM, 12 tutorials via IRC- one each week- size limited to ten students each group, 750 pages Readings book online, marking of 3 essays, tabulation of results, Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies certification upon successful completion.

Option 3. Online course WITHOUT tutes or essay marking.
CONTENT: 25 Lectures on audio cassette, 12 films on CDROM, 750 pages Readings book online. Unfortunately we cannot offer any support for this option.

Option 4. For those who originally chose Option 3 but wish to upgrade to Option 2 in order to participate in tutorials, have their assignments marked and receive certification. (N.B. Can only commence the course with a future commencing group. Should already have all materials).

PLEASE NOTE: Although our online course has twice as many tutorials and films in comparison with the 'live' course, at this stage only Option 1 is available for institutional credit. We are in negotiations with a number of institutions to have the online course credited for (Sydney external) students.

The Genocide Studies course is distinct from the Postgraduate Diploma and the Pontos-Asia Minor-Armenia Course although elements of both are of course encompassed within the Genocide Course.

Unfortunately the development of both of these courses will not be completed before mid-2002, possibly late 2002. Considerable collaborative effort is being put into both of these courses by all parties at the Institute, the Greek Genocide Research Unit and the Armenian Genocide Research Unit. Once completed, they will be world class.

Any queries should be emailed to

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Colin Tatz
Director, Academic Affairs

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