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Assyrian Section in Public Library in Södertälje, Sweden

Posted: Friday, January 04, 2002 at 00:52 AM CT

Recently, the municipal center of the city of Södertälje in Sweden, where approximately 20,000 Assyrians reside, has allocated, with an initiative from the Assyrian city council member, Mr. Emil Bar Ebroyo, a special section for Assyrians in the city’s Public Library.

In a meeting that included the director of Sargon’s Publishing House, Mr. Chamoun Danho, with the director of the library, Mrs. Eva Dankis, an agreement was reached to strengthen the cooperation between Sargon’s Publishing House and the Library of Södertälje through the offering of assistance to concerned individuals to collect the greatest number of books and publications regarding the history of the Assyrians in its many different aspects.

The aforementioned library currently contains hundreds of Assyrian publications, and could become, with time, a great resource for everyone interested in the educational research of the history of Assyrians.

It is worth mentioning, that our people constitute 10% of the population of the city and they visit the public library frequently in large numbers, spending great times in it reading newspapers, magazines and books in different languages such as: Assyrian, Arabic, Swedish …etc.

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