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Enuma Elish - A modern creation myth for courage and renewal
Mesopotamian Night Debuts in Chicago
Assyrian arts, music events to raise funds, awareness of culture
Destine Literare, August 2013: In Memory of Ninos Aho
Assyrian Artist Represents the Netherlands in Poland
City native donates statue of ancient Assyrian ruler
Parkhoneeta [butterfly] (film)
A whole new meaning for America's beacon of freedom
Ashoor Drama Group's “Curtain Call”
Scotland Embraces the World’s Bravest Orchestra
Wonders of Mesopotamia unveiled in Australia
XXXI World Congress of Poets – USA
Hixenbaugh Ancient Art Unveils Rare and Important Ancient Neo-Assyrian Royal Armor
Terrence Malick, a director who lets his work speak for itself - and him
Behold, the Nimrud Ivories, the most important British archaeological discoveries in the Middle East
Donny George, Protector of Iraq’s Ancient Riches, Dies at 60
British Museum buys Assyrian treasures cleaned by Agatha Christie
Nanotechnology 1, Assyrian 0
Raised from the Ruins
Assyrian - The Struggle for Identity
Rasson Bet-Yonan: 1985-86 Piano Sonata, "Theme & Variation in Four Movements"
Assyrian Documentary: "Assyrians in Armenia"
Assyrian Movie: "Cost of Happiness"
"Poetic Emancipation" Filmmakers Out to Bring Assyrian Culture to U.S. Screens
Shrek 2 Production Coordinator: Hannibal Paul Odisho
Strategic Records: "Kholma Sodana"
An Interview with Vice President of Strategic Entertainment, Billy Haido
'Burning Desire' by Mona Kochou
Assyrian Movie: "Akh Min Khimyani"
Gilgamesh now listed on Hollywood Stock Exchange (, and is the IPO of the Day
Hollywood Film Producer Beni Atoori Makes First Pledge of $1.5 Million to the Baghdad Museum Project
Ancient Assyrian Treasures Found Intact in Baghdad
Baghdad Treasures 'mostly intact'
'Gilgamesh' Rides Again in Epic
The Calling of the New Assyrian "A Poetry Collection" by Ninos Aho and Yousip Bet Yousip
Conference Fuente Magna
Iraq's Artefacts Under Threat
Iraqi Archaeologists Dig Up Ancient Temple
Walter Aziz - "AWAY"
Assyrian Nominated for Prestigious Swedish Award
Clothing in Ancient Assyria
Gilgamesh Cultural Centre
Iraq Buys Back Stolen Artifacts to Save Heritage
Romance on Sail
Addo Rhawi - "Hawri"
Salome Fast: Lincoln Center Festival 2000
Ninous Simon: filmmaker/actor/producer

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Knife Sharpener: Selected Poems
Assyria [board game]
Antiquities under Siege: Cultural Heritage Protection after the Iraq War [Hardcover]
Mesopotamain Night: Melodies from the East
Merzapamed: Jappath, Prince of Dore
Music Pearls of Beth-Nahrin: An Assyrian / Syriac Discography
Boonie Ba-Boona by Shlimon Bet-Shmuel
Away by Walter Aziz
The Final Sack of Nineveh
Assyrian Sculpture
Change by Walter Aziz
From Nineveh to New York
Art and Empire: Treasures from Assyria in the British Museum

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Assyria \ã-'sir-é-ä\ n (1998)   1:  an ancient empire of Ashur   2:  a democratic state in Bet-Nahren, Assyria (northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey and eastern Syria.)   3:  a democratic state that fosters the social and political rights to all of its inhabitants irrespective of their religion, race, or gender   4:  a democratic state that believes in the freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture in faithfulness to the principles of the United Nations Charter — Atour synonym

Ethnicity, Religion, Language
» Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew
» Assyrian, Christian, Aramaic
» Saudi Arabian, Muslim, Arabic
Assyrian \ã-'sir-é-an\ adj or n (1998)   1:  descendants of the ancient empire of Ashur   2:  the Assyrians, although representing but one single nation as the direct heirs of the ancient Assyrian Empire, are now doctrinally divided, inter sese, into five principle ecclesiastically designated religious sects with their corresponding hierarchies and distinct church governments, namely, Church of the East, Chaldean, Maronite, Syriac Orthodox and Syriac Catholic.  These formal divisions had their origin in the 5th century of the Christian Era.  No one can coherently understand the Assyrians as a whole until he can distinguish that which is religion or church from that which is nation -- a matter which is particularly difficult for the people from the western world to understand; for in the East, by force of circumstances beyond their control, religion has been made, from time immemorial, virtually into a criterion of nationality.   3:  the Assyrians have been referred to as Aramaean, Aramaye, Ashuraya, Ashureen, Ashuri, Ashuroyo, Assyrio-Chaldean, Aturaya, Chaldean, Chaldo, ChaldoAssyrian, ChaldoAssyrio, Jacobite, Kaldany, Kaldu, Kasdu, Malabar, Maronite, Maronaya, Nestorian, Nestornaye, Oromoye, Suraya, Syriac, Syrian, Syriani, Suryoye, Suryoyo and Telkeffee. — Assyrianism verb

Aramaic \ar-é-'máik\ n (1998)   1:  a Semitic language which became the lingua franca of the Middle East during the ancient Assyrian empire.   2:  has been referred to as Neo-Aramaic, Neo-Syriac, Classical Syriac, Syriac, Swadaya and Turoyo.

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