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APM Calling for an urgent conference 21-06-2014

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Assyria Patriotic Movement

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Member: May-31-2014
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APM Calling for an urgent conference 21-06-2014

Jun-22-2014 at 02:49 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)


Beirut – 21/06/2014

APM has previously announced that it doesn’t believe in any Iraqi solution to the Assyrian cause, and this is being validated, and while there once “was” an Iraqi patriotism, the Assyrians were its pioneers culturally and politically and socially, but today the situation is different and the Assyrian people must unify its efforts to back up its brethren in occupied Assyria by any means possible.

After the flagrant displacement of the Assyrian people at the hands of successive Iraqi authorities since 1921 through the genocide of 1933 at the hands of the Iraqi government, the destruction of villages and historical and religious Assyrian sites, the displacement of hundreds of thousands under the rule of the Baath regime, the expulsion of over two-thirds of the Assyrian nation by the kurdification and islamisation movements represented by the Iraqi state after Saddam's fall, today, new developments are emerging in order to enforce the activation of article /140/ of the Iraqi Constitution, accompanied by sheer silence of Assyrian political and religious institutions while the Assyrian people in Occupied Assyria is facing a new-old attack among the conflicts between the intruders to its historical land (in Syria and Iraq), resulting in the displacement of thousands of Assyrians from Baghdad and the occupied north of Iraq, and Syria, and finally Nineveh, and more displacement is expected as the Assyrian people is losing confidence in its hostile surroundings.

The latest Islamic attack on the historic Assyrian regions which are inhabited by present day's various components besides the Assyrian indigenous people, does not come from vain; it is only a new spectacle that comes as a last solution for the kurdish ambitions with the partnership of Iraqi state officials to impose a new status quo where none would be blamed but the "dark forces" and "remnants of the Baath" and other misleading statements about the real criminals controlling the fate of the Assyrian people, with the convergence of economic and national security interests of several regional countries in the imposition of a “Petrol” independent entity.

Assyria Patriotic Movement (APM) reminds that the existence of the Assyrian people in Assyria is facing a growing threat, and it’s time for the Assyrian people to think of new ways to maintain its existence, being not a commodity in the hands of the intruders, and do not have to pay the price of those intruders’ ambitions and racist conflicts.

The diversity of Assyrian propositions scattered here and there (province, autonomous region, self-governing ...), increase the fragmentation without addressing a clear message to the world public opinion and does not reflect the importance of the Assyrian national security which must be imposed in any way in Iraq, as a major problem within Iraq's problems.

Therefore, APM is calling on the free Assyrian activists and intellects of Diaspora to intensify their efforts for an emergency Assyrian conference to set up a mechanism of action for protecting the Assyrian people in Iraq, away from silly Iraqi Patriotic banners that brought the Assyrian nation to this situation, and APM declares its readiness to carry all its responsibilities in this regard.

APM is a founding member of “Coordinating Committee for Assyria Universal Conference”

Ashur Giwargis



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Denise Sargis
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Member: May-3-2013
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1. RE: APM Calling for an urgent conference 21-06-2014

Jun-27-2014 at 07:06 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

In reply to message #0
Last edited on Jun-27-2014 at 07:11 AM (UTC3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Building a Nation
Our churches are like tribes so for every church from 1 to a 1000 members they have one member that is elected as a Malik for their church to represent them in the Assyrian City Council – If it’s an organization such as the Alliance the same applies - In order to have two Malik’s from the church or the organization they would have to show proof of over a 1000 people paying dues.
The Assyrian City Chamber would come together monthly to discuss issues that concern the community and the Assyrian people - from the chamber they would elect a Malik who would represent them at the State Conference of the Assyrian Chamber that would meet quarterly to discuss political issues that affect the Assyrian people in that State – From The State Assyrian Chamber they would elect a Chief to represent there state affairs at the National Level – Every six months The National Assyrian Chamber would meet to discuss the Assyrian Political issues that affect us in that country – Yearly the Chiefs would meet with all the Chiefs of other nations to vote on resolutions to help promote a voice to regain our land back in the Nineveh Plain.
Assyrians coming together collectively gives us power in votes especially if we start block voting – Its puts us in position of political clout in our towns, cities, and states.
Politicians will be knocking on our door to get support and we will get resolutions passed to help us as a nation. As a chamber we can start buying property in Nineveh and support industry plus incorporate an Assyrian National Guard – Who will protect our interests at all time in the Nineveh Plain.
This may not be built over night but if the stepping stones are put in place it will gives us a seat in the World Order.
This also insures that every Assyrian is involved, Chaldean s, and Syrian Christian’s, included under one flag.

Denise Sargis

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