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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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Oct-10-2001 at 01:26 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited on 05/03/2011 at 07:39 AM (UTC3 Assyria)


Ashurism was the Law of Life which ancient Assyrians had managed their daily lives accordingly before they had converted to Christianity. Their Doctrine was set to an absolute believing in Ashurism. This logic complied and complimented their beleif in the holy spirit of God Ashur which never meant to be an idol, the Mighty God that we worshiping now. The faith in the Ashurian national Doctrine had approved our real national and spiritual values for thousands years as a successful doctrine for our daily life transactions.

The national faith form our national values. The national faith should direct Ashurians to believe in their nation as one people of one name.

Solely, through this understanding we might liberate and protect ourselves of being victims to other ideologies. Ashurism gives us the power to understand ourselves and this will facilitate to practise the true nationalism of one nation.

In this new age, unfortunately, Ashurians never had a written Ashurian National Ideology to be accepted as their national doctrine. What is available are political opinions infected by other ideologies.

Our National ideology should be written based on clear national targets represent the will of our nation. As long as the nation is breathing,this will keep our nation never stop struggling and challenging.

Ashurians sadly, due to several reasons contributed heavily to their own-distruction, became useless tools for their own but to serve others, and through this they unfortunately contributed their total efforts to apart the nation into smaller and weaker religious groups.

Is it because our struggling resulted to nothing? Is it because we grown up in families they never declare their Ashurianity due to their "church" teachings? Or because no guidelines available to set an Ashurian national education to direct our people to know their national identity to fight for!! Or the combination of all above mentioned reasons applied too!

It's so sad to know that many Ashurian sects inssist to appear as separated "religious groups" not willing to gather as one nation. Such portray will deform and complicate our true political issues. The national identity certainly preserved our political Rights as long as we are alive. But changing our identity will certainly weaken our claim for a political existence in our home land.

We the Ashurians in need and must set our faith only towards Ashurism, and When we accomplish this step, keeping the faith, nothing shall prevent us from retrieving our political rights.

Unfortunately, we can't centralize our ideas to form one Ashurian leadership, or at least to find one unified front to gather our efforts against our enemies. I hope one day our people shall respect their nation and consider it as a national responsibility collectively.

After converting to Christianity, our first priority became Christian faith, thats why we defend our churches more than defending our Ashurism and our nation. Unfortunately the Christian faith apart our n/a/t/i/o/n/ and that is very noticeable by having different churches misleading our people psychologically to concentrate on church Rites more than their national doctrine.

That's how our churches and christianity became as a tool to shutdown Ashurism!! And due to faith in God, the mighty God is an ancient holy entity in our life, our people use to accept any word comes from our "priests" and that's related to the type of our historical leadership which was a combination of a political-spiritual one in a shape of a king.

We the Ashurians are the first people on this earth who believed in GOD and had spread his name in the ancient world. Such belief is in our blood, we can't ignore it, it is part of our Ashurian identity, Ashurism also means in GOD we trust and believe, and that was before Christianity for thousands of years.

Due to either ignorance or for hidden purposes, the "anti-Ashurism" gave wrong idea about the national act, they have made the reflection of their churche's name and Rites as an existed separated nation in the eyes of their followers.
I trust that not all churches only serves word of GOD!! And because a mistake will always produces mistake, our people have chosen their "religious rites" under church title, which now for "some" of them accumulate wrong understanding to recognize themselves as a new nation! That's considered the big loss in term of national calculations.

The Ashurian National Ideology is such high quality of nationalistic doctrine needs high-qualified nationalistic individuals to lead our people at least to centralize their beliefs towards Ashurism rather than to be a "religious groups" or serve other ideologies.

The negative impact of Christianity on Ashurism

Is it a coincidence that Islam religion works for Arab nation, while Christianity works only against Ashurism!!

For how long we should just watch Christianity apart our nation, discounting our national values from our lives, while Islam religion gathering Arabs nationally!! Is it our Christian faith meant to destroy our national values? Our churches made it, and became TOOLS to shutdown Ashurism!!

There is something wrong; Ashurians do not realize that something in Christianity is designed to shutdown Ashurism.

We should oriented our belief in Christianity this way:� NO CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT ASHURISM" to prevent our people considering Christianity more important than Ashurism.

We born as Ashurians, we had known GOD before Christianity, historically we had taught this world spiritually about GOD and the creation before thousands years.

Yes, all spiritual acts in Ashurism had been quoted to Christianity!! It's an act of ignorance if we ignore the true God in Ashurism and to praise the same God in Christianity!! Is there any logical explanation to that?? Unless it's a trial to drag the truth from Ashurism and had spread under different topic (Christianity)!!

He is the same GOD; we had known him before any other creature on this Earth. What changed in this GOD after we converted to Christianity!

Christianity is the same conception of Ashurism, or it's the Ashurism itself but with those little changes which designed to work against Ashurism.


I just want to emphasize that we had our religion; it was part of our Ashurism, that's why GOD called us"...and Assyria the work of my hands" Ishaia 19:25.

GOD knows us as his worshippers and as Ashurian followers to him, that's how our name came from his name (God Ashur/Ashuraya (Aha Shuraya/A-Shuraya/Ashuraya) which means "The beginning", God is the beginning, the beginning of creation. This concept was quoted to Christianity in the bible. Read John 1:1 " In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God.�

He THE MIGHTY GOD did not send Jesus to lecture his worshippers. Jesus came to destroy paganism of other nations,to achieve that Jesus should depend on God followers and worshippers on Earth. Such mission can not be done only by ghosts!!Such mission needed "real factors" to reach those other pagans. The "real factors" were people/humen That's why Jesus sticked to The God believers those who believed without seeing him The Ashurians to achieve his mission. Jesus said, " The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgement with this generation, and shall condemn it..." Matthew 12:41. So, according to what Jesus said we easily could conclude that ancient Ashurians were not pagans.

Please read carefully and understand that ancient Ashurians hadn't changed their faith in GOD due to Jesus appearance. Such holy appearance should be considered as a continuity to what ancient Ashurians had believed in.We should analyze the mechanism of above details as following:-
How ancient Ashurians believed in Jesus� appearance? Was there any sign previously mentioned in their religious heritage referring to such appearance??

Indeed ancient Ashurians from their own religious heritage had the knowledge of the "Star of East" as a sign of Jesus� birth, and that was mentioned in the Bible.

Read Matthew 2:1-2" Now when Jesus was born in Beth-le-hem of Ju-dae-a in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem. Saying, where is he that is born king of the( Jews??)? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him".

How did those wise men had known about such sign as they were from East? Who else know about prophets and Mighty God in the East? the Persians were pagans worshipping Fire!! Only Ashurians were worshipping God. That's how our real spiritual heritage as God worshippers were quoted in a different way to bible.

The point is for some "unknown?" reasons Ashurism had been changed to Christianity and it was left to The Time to occupy the place of Ashurism.

Why then Ashurians can't accept Islam?? It fulfills the same purpose of calling for GOD? Because nothing about Mohammad mentioned in our ancient religious heritage, but Jesus was known for ancient Ashurians.
Pay attention to this paragraph quoted from the bible:

Daniel 3:25 " He answered and said, Lo,I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and THE FORM OF THE FOURTH IS LIKE THE SON OF GOD.

above mentioned are words said and spoken by our Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar.I don't want to go further in details about why he said it, so just to shorten the topic: read about the fourth person his form is like the son of God!!!!

Is it there any doubts that our ancestors where indeed worshipping God, and not only that, but also they had known Jesus in their times. We have to understand that our jesus and his story with his appearance was not stated correctly as it is mentioned solely he had appeared to jews by calling him (king of Jews)?!!.
Here I don't claim Jesus is only for Assyrians. But when Jews claiming that, then we should expose those biblical evidences to set the truth as it should be.

if our king Nebuchadnezzar had recognized the son of God from his form, that's hadn't happened at first time, there should be roots go further more deep to ancestors of Nebuchadnezzar himself, otherwise how the king recognized the son of God from his form??!!Logically someone had seen Jesus before the king and refered to his form untill Nebochadnezzar recognized him.

Unfortunately, the killing point that had apart our nation is the Christianity title.
Ashurism was sole method, did not encourage our people for multi-methods in their faith to GOD. If that was continued the future of the Ashurian nation wont be the same as today.


To those who are dealing with the Ashurian cause, it's not so easy to set their calculations based on a superficial glance to what is available on the ground. A deep and longsighted view to our history to understand the cause through the Ashurian National Doctrine, may only observes the looseness that leads to an endless tunnel.

We can easily identify the contradictions in other political ideologies which took place to lead Ashurians using the term of national struggle as a cover to serve their benefits which represent first their priorities. We understand that interests are the natural language in politics. Based on that, those ideologies oriented their efforts to such goals that serve their political interests, nothing of Ashurism they do care about. We are the lucky card to be used nowadays, once the card is expired, they'll sell us at the first available chance.

The National Ideology rarely considered wrong. If the national targets were not properly accomplished that's mean the political plan was wrong! Ashurians must direct their attention to identify what is beyond all of those Ashurian political parties to solve their puzzle. Why they made the cause too complicated? Having several parties should result high-quality act in our national struggle, which leads to more pressure against the Iraqi government and alike. What is available are only Ashurian faces but in fact they serve the benefits of other political ideologies, and that's why is so clear that all of them declared Ashurism, but nothing of Ashurism is gathering them.

The current preparations in the National-Political exercise should ensure an integral solution instantly due to the insupportable situation of the Ashurians. Such situation cannot provide assistance to raise integral solution unless Ashurians deal honestly with their Ashurianity as a national responsibility. Such responsibility should be passed through national achievements as a message to our next generations. Such achievements shall never accomplished unless to follow the Ashurian National Ideology standards.

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