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Assyrians in the circle of lost and hopeless

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Assyrians in the circle of lost and hopeless

Nov-30-2010 at 03:10 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited on 12/05/2010 at 09:25 PM (UTC3 Assyria)
Assyrians in the circle of lost and hopeless

It is noticed to everyone, that the planned and procedural chaos have taken over Iraq by a storm to implement several targets, step by step, and some are very clear by now which are shaping the new Iraqi house arrangement for a "new Iraq without Assyrians".

The most important part of the war against Iraq which Assyrians always discounted was to get rid of Assyrians and push them out of their homeland where they could be contained and treated easily. This Sounds crazy but this is the truth behind implementation of some security measurements where Israeli next generations will live in peace without worries (Lessons taken from the history).
Assyrians are face to face with their real "Enemy" now and taste the (pay back) from their real enemy who has the last word to the Assyrian fate.
The recent Assyrian genocide is carefully planned and executed by all means using Islamic terrorists as a front sign to hide the real face behind the Mask!! Let us not forget that what is available on the Iraqi ground are Tools only, therefore, in the eyes of some Assyrians intellectuals (from all sects), cleansing the Assyrian national existence been seen naturally as part of the attack against the new democracy in Iraq which is totally wrong assumption.
Ethnically nothing happened to Arabs and Kurds both got what they want except Assyrians were from the early stage divided into small religious accounts that are smaller by numbers separately and went to smallest by representation in the new Iraq. This is a result of a long term plan part of it started in Diaspora during the US Census and now everyone has raised his own National Flag. The effect of this separation will continue until all Assyrian sects will find themselves out of the game lost their country and dignity as one nation under one flag and one Assyrian name.

The cleansing operation against Assyrians is a declassified case now and most governments are aware of it. And due to the fact Assyrians related to no one in Europe and Americas, nothing serious was taken to stop the genocide which is running 24/7 publicly. This explains why Assyrians been ignored, left to suffer. The show must go on.
Meanwhile, what the so called Assyrian leaders are doing?
They don't speak unless they are permitted by their (Employers) and what they are telling us means nothing, heavily contributing to keeping us in the circle of lost and hopeless by keeping us thinking that due to their representation in Kurdish and Iraqi governments we have achieved something important when this all garbage in garbage out is absolutely nothing in term of what is planned for that area.

Obviously, Assyrian leaders collectively have no agenda towards salvation the existence of our nation in Iraq and have no clue how to fight back, not even how to ask for Assyrians rights. Eventually don't know the real Enemy.
The huge cleansing operation against Assyrians publicly and just like that without shame or fear, doing it in the eyes of the international public opinion, is ringing the bell of the most filthiest conspiracy of all times which has been started to crush the Assyrian existence in Iraq favouring the Kurds whom are in comply with the hidden political agenda (becomes public now) to assist in dwelling a new replacement to Assyrians which already has started.

It is clear that none of European governments and Americas is involving to stop what is planned against Assyrian nation. All they (governments) can do is offering their hospitality to accommodate Assyrians as refugees. While this is happening, Assyrian properties are on sale by the Kurds to serve the new dwelling (Replacement) to Assyrians.

Most Assyrians underestimate the fact that Kurds are moving ahead towards independency on the Assyrian soil. In this regard Ze'ev Schiff, the military correspondent of Ha'aretz (and probably the most knowledgeable in Israel, on this topic) writes about the "best" that can happen for Israeli interests in Iraq: "The dissolution of Iraq into a Shi'ite state, a Sunni state and the separation of the Kurdish part" (Ha'aretz 6/2/1982). Actually, this aspect of the plan is very old.

Kurds are outsiders invaded the Assyrian land. This is their history with Assyrians and no one can change that. No Assyrian can accept them as rulers to Assyrians. They have resided in the Assyrian house as unwelcomed invader if not a heavy guest then took over the ownership.
It is against all odds and international standards with no international legal support that occupiers claim residency and citizenship of the occupied land changing the land identity while the owners; the native people still alive and existed on the same land.

Legalizing a political Piracy against Assyrians should be the main topic to be discussed among the Assyrian nation. Unfortunately, due to the poor political representation, none of this was discussed, besides, was dropped down silently in any meeting with Kurds Reps. like Barazani himself, Assyrian leaders have been bending to what they believe is an available reality which is an imposed condition that eventually Assyrians never accepted in their long history with Kurds since 1850.

The recent Iraqi president Jallal Talabani himself during the chaos in 2005 said that if Assyrians think they have rights in north of Iraq let them step forward to discuss it!!!!! Imagine how far Assyrians can swallow the bitter humiliation by a Kurdish leader who knows better than anyone that his existence on the Assyrian soil was and still is illegal no matter what could be said in this subject.

The political events in Iraq are marking the new changes leaving Assyrians behind licking their wounds in a big planned partial genocides here and there until everything is well managed for Kurds where Assyrians the native people will be offered " take it or leave it" which is being part of "harbishjy Kurdistan'.

What is happening to Assyrians is a result of people have no real leadership speaks for the whole nation. A leadership that is wise politically rise up with the greatness of the danger that is blown with the recent challenges. This Danger hits the core of the Assyrian national existence.
Due to above, nothing has been said to reject the Christian identity which is a replacement of the Assyrian name.

According to (the filthy plan) "divide the small to smaller for easy to be controlled", simply the nation has dropped her national name which lead to shattering and weaken any political effort, then this mistake still dig deep and allowed religious rites to bring up a fake ethnic separation, and this mistake made everyone speaks for himself separately, and this mistake send a wrong message about who is who when negotiating the national Rights.

No arrangements clearly have been taken in consideration for Assyrians Rights by the Iraqi government, therefore nothing good is expected. We are still being treated as an "Extra people" humiliated pushed forcedly to be silenced by the sympathy bullet.

Assyrians have been taught wrongfully about a fake dream which is our Assyrian nation shall rise again. But Assyrians underestimated their real enemy is working hard enough exactly and accurately not to allowing this to happen!! See who is behind the cleansing operation then you will know.

Wake up nation of Assyria, see around you and feel the reality of what is happening to us. It is a real complete and perfect conspiracy of all times, the racial cleansing will soon end our story in Iraq of Ashur, and will eliminate our political national existence in our homeland... And it is happening now.

What else???
No one is exposing the real danger honestly, and is acting as if what is happening against Assyrians with all of this sad news we hear and read every day is normal, linking this to the fact that the whole Iraq is under big chaos which is a dumb joke and excuse.

If this is the way we see it, then this means we are not reading the proper task that is hidden(actually no more hidden) in between lines of the conspiracy which is shaping already the big picture of our political case where Assyrians will end gone with the wind!!!!We have been replaced!!
For a wakeup call, Assyrians need another electrical shock for a real wake up to put our political case properly in front of the Iraqi government to pass it through, to the real "Employer" who seems has taken his decision based on how Assyrian people and leaders are reacting.

Shame and Shame to those Assyrians from all sects, tribes and from (our people's Technicolor name) (it doesn't matter anymore), who actively conspired in silencing any faithful, honest and pure nationalistic effort previously and recently to do a real thing for Assyrians and made it to result to nothing.

It is a crime keeping our people misinformed and mislead to enjoy personal interests, keeping them waiting for nothing and just to enjoy a miserable life, driving them silently to the grave!!
Before 50 years, who was thinking about all of this might be happened?
In the next 50 years, Assyrians will be under a new citizenship not in their name...

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