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Assyrians S.Y.S: Save your souls! Don't be cheated by irresp

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Assyrians S.Y.S: Save your souls! Don't be cheated by irresp

Dec-04-2010 at 09:59 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited on 12/04/2010 at 04:23 PM (UTC3 Assyria)
Assyrians S.Y.S: Save your souls! Don't be cheated by irresponsible fake calls to stay!!

Based on discouraging and sad news from Iraq about the Genocide continuation to force the cleansing operation against Assyrians (all sects), Assyrians in Iraq MUST think wisely to save their souls. They are an open target to terrorists who are the tool used for the racial cleansing operation against Assyrians.

To calme down the Assyrian Anger after each parcial genocide in Iraq, the Iraqi officials starts to call for protection the (christians).
All these calls are part of the continuation the crime against Assyrians ( all sects). No officials starting from the President to the prime Minister as they are puppets serving foreign Agendas can do anything to stop the cleansing operation against Assyrians.
As a matter of fact Iraqi officials are part of what is happening to Assyrians in Iraq now.

Keeping Assyrians in Iraq is not meant to protect them..WAKEUP ASSYRIANS,, It is meant to keep you close enough to the killers.
In the same token leaving the country is not the best solution but it is at least a best way to keep the survivals alive.
It is lose - lose way nothing to win but staying a live.

The irresponsible heroic nonsense comments that said by some Assyrians ( all sects) to challenge the terrorists and stay in Iraq actually is not a wise thing to do because Assyrians have no protection at all!! And those who think Iraq soon will be OK, are making a big wrong assumption.

The decision has been taken to kick Assyrians out of Iraq, so Assyrians should choose wisely either to stay and be killed or leave to save their lives and in both options Assyrians will lose their land.

In the absence of security and not having the ability of self protection, staying is committing a suicide.
No one care for what is happening to Assyrians, and the crime will never stop against them until further notice.

How many times iraqi President and the prime minister call to protect (christians) and each time it gets worst!!
Do Assyrians need more evidence that they are an open target uncovered without protection.

Any Assyrian political figure calls for keeping Assyrians in Iraq under the recent situation is contributing and participating in the Genocide against the Assyrian People.

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