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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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Oct-07-2000 at 10:23 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

LAST EDITED ON Mar-23-2001 AT 10:31 AM (CST)


NO peace, NO Democracy!!

this is what America working on for along time in middle-east area, which is actually the wish of those "super powers"!!
As long OIL is there as much distruction that area will get, and our "Iraq of Ashur" our homeland is the best candidate for those super powers for special reasons.

If Democracy happened there; it means end of westren economical benefits.The west is not foolish to help arabs to achieve Democracy.They are calculating every single breath of arabs. The west is planning to serve their next generations in term of using energy. All those inventions for energy alternatives failed to replace OIL, as still oil Nr.1 in energy field. So, keeping arabs blinded make them busy with non stop enternal issues, raising puppet leaders to control that area through them, was and still is the successful method to suck the OIL from that area. But this is still not enough to protect their benefits including Israel!! How and why?:

"Iraq of Ashur" our homeland "remind those" who hate history of Assyrians..So they are planning to eliminate Assyrian existance from that land to support the future of Israel's next generations,and by this no more threaten comes from that land "from Assyrians" against Israel .
This is how our historical enemy is working and look what we are doing!! How they are working to prevent any possibility that might Assyrians gathered again to form a power in that area, which is stated by Ishaia prophecy!!
Could we say that they know the secret and are working very,very hard to prevent what Ishaia prophet said?? Why not?? just look to that area and tell me who is the final perfect losser!! Are they arabs? kurds?? No, the only big losser is the Assyrians after all settlements, adjustments in term of what is planned to be for the next generations in that land, our land "Assyria".

Historically we are the first Democratic people on this earth. But Assyrian Democracy did not state we should wait for Ishaia!! We should work for it,as Israel is "working"!! Our Democracy is to fight for our rights when our lives are threaten, but not to wait for americans to retrieve our rights, because we shall never get any thing from the west who serves "super powers" whom are serving Israel!! It's the most political foolishness to wait for our rights comes on golden plate from our enemy. Therefore nothing shall be achieved by waiting. We should start to call and work for the ASSYRIAN PARLIAMENT to enter direct negotiation with the Iraqi government, otherwise it will take much time to wait untill Iraqi issues solved, and who is after saddam already showed his face and is clear enough to us.

Albert Alnasser

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