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Don't Assyrians deserve to live as one nation??

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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Don't Assyrians deserve to live as one nation??

Oct-19-2000 at 02:26 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Some dirty stratigic conspiracies were planted in our Assyrian nation as a long term investment which lasts forever. Those Assyrians whom they accepted to live under catholic church umbrella which called them "chaldeans"in 15's century, would they realized that their decision shall developed to such mess in our nation? Had they thought that their Assyrian grandsons might receievd wrong message? Those Assyrians were religious, they were thinking exclusively how to get better life while being catholics as those missionaries attracted them to be.They never believed in separation, and the evidences are many look at Agha Butros who was Assyrian from chaldean church and others with him,look at fraidon atouraya, from aurthodox church ,Naom Faiq from syriac church!! Were they foolish not to declare separation in their time?? They were Assyrian nationalists, they never let the church to drag them into such situation which might accumulate ethnicity ideas based on church rites.

Now the point is, those Assyrians being called "chaldeans" they do not have any written documents to calling for separation as an ethnic..Those todays "chaldeans" they are asking for so much than their/our ancestors were thinking about.The whole matter was creating another church beside the mother church. Now this church had grown up enough to declare ethnic separation based on church Rites!!??who shall not beleive that tomorrow syriac church, or jacobites church wont declare ethnic separation based on their Rites??!!Oh my GOD then where is the Assyrianism, where is the Assyrian people who conqured the ancient world, where is the nationalism among those people??!!

It's the Assyrian people who should decide his fate as one nation!!If everyone of those churches is running on the same direction as chaldean church had done, then we do not deserve to live as one nation.We can't stop those new believers in the "new chaldean ethnic" unless someone who leads them should talk to them, and the only one who could stop this rally is his Holeness MAR BEDAWED otherwise please stop fooling us by this FALSE UNITY..We do not deserve to live as one nation..we got the message!! We have been sold!!

Albert Alnasser

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A Yousif
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1. RE: Don't Assyrians deserve to live as one nation??

Nov-29-2000 at 02:00 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

In reply to message #0
To Albert,
Before you actually publish a public opinion stating things that have no historical background. Could you make sure that you give us the sources of your information?

i.e., How and when Chaldeans were an ethnic group and when did the separation of the churches started.

The Chaldeans are not only an ethnic minority trying to separate based on church and religious inclinations.

Please, When ever you write something so serious keep in mind there are people out there who could investigate the historical fact and I'm up to if you can prove to me that Chaldeans are only an ethnic group based on church I would love to believe you.

A young woman who is fed up of Assyrians unrealistic nationalism.

A Yousif

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