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Assyrian people, be aware of this enemy!! Saad Al Bazzaz

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Assyrian people, be aware of this enemy!! Saad Al Bazzaz

Apr-25-2001 at 10:00 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited by Albert Nasser on May-02-2001 at 10:10 AM (CT)

Assyrian people, be aware of this enemy!! Saad Al Bazzaz

This message was e-mailed to Saad Al Bazzaz yesterday.

To: Saad Al Bazzaz

Editor-in-Chief Alzzaman newspaper


No wonder Mr. Bazzaz that you still the faithful guy to spread the Baath ideology against the Assyrian nation (Al Ashuryeen) through Islamic meanings.

An report is published in your newspaper sent by your correspondent from Arbil mentioning a false statement about the Assyrian people in north of Iraq calling them "christian kurds". As you certainly know that such name as "christian kurds" is considered as a joke and a very cheap way to deform the Assyrian national identity.

Such plan is very well-known to our people as it's part of the long term conspiracy to eliminate the Assyrian existence there on their historical homeland.

The measurements that you have used for behalf of kurds through that snap shot report about (Al Rabeea' festivals) in north of Iraq, are indeed against the National Assyrian existence, and is totally representing you in a way that remind our people about the details of the Baath ideology to arabize the Assyrian history and making Arabs the heir of our mighty history while we still alive nation.

It seems that doesn't matter for you whatever Assyrians to be called, whether you call us "arabs" or "christian arabs" or "christian kurd", since it helps to eliminate the Assyrian identity and our national existence.Is that what you had learned from your masters!?

Mr. Saad al bazzaz, you have to realize that neither Arabs, nor kurds could swallow a history of more than 15000 years that belong to the most ancient civilized nation on this earth. In the Iraqi history hardly could be found others than Assyrians who had built our country and raise the name of that land to the first position among others in the history of the mankind.

The most well-known history of "Al khulaffa' Al Abbasseyeen" was built by Assyrians and you know that very well if you tried to open your heart to accept that truth. All scientists were Assyrians and all sciences were taken from ancient Assyrian knowledgement by ancient Greeks and translated to arabic language by Assyrians themselves. Assyrians had built universities, and if you think that you have a few arab scientists then you should realize that they were students in our schools. Nothing had been added to the Assyrian sciences till this moment in this world, only electricity.

Such mighty nation you are trying to change her national name to a "kurdy" shows your trial as you are still faithful to your baath ideology to eliminate our name from the history!!. Whom you think you are trying to cheat by calling Assyrians "christian kurds"!! To underrate by ignoring our national identity is another ring in the conspiracy that your regime have developed, whom you once were representing him and played an important role in leading his propaganda.

Mr.Bazzaz Once I had met you by chance before 17 years ago in Al Adeeb Al Baghdadyeh printing press in Baghdad when your name have jumped to the highest level in the government after publishing your article "Al Alam" the flag. The first word that I heard about you from a close friend of mine who had links to your friends/connections, was that you were smart enough to find your easy way to climb up!! It's your matters to do whatever you do to climb up, but to attack our Assyrian people in such dirty way in your newspaper, certainly the Assyrian people will make you to climb down this time.

Albert Alnasser

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