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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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May-07-2001 at 12:25 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited by Albert Nasser on May-07-2001 at 10:36 PM (CT)

Dear Assyrians

Do we ask for too much when we suggest to our political parties to deal with the Assyrian case from the heart of our national history but not only with facts as they are now on the ground!!??

We want them to understand our true injuries, and to remember always our hundreds thousands Martyrs whom massacred while struggling to survive, those who were our parents and forefathers.

I agree that there are (facts?)But that shouldn't be considered as ultimate non-exchangeable situations.

All of us know that what is serving the kurd's position now-days came from killing, slaughtering, threaten Assyrian people for the last hundred years and still continued which made it very easy to kurds to occupy our homes and lands by force, that is our story with kurds and the ink of the long lists of massacres still fresh.

I wonder how some have the ability to forget and trying to ease the situation!! They may answer we didn't forget!! But they certainly did since they shake hands with kurds without achieving any political rights trying to force our nation to run easily to kurdish laps.

kurds now occupying our lands and that's the fact that we should believe in. Not the fact that says kurds are the majority and they are increasing, so occupying our lands is a logical thing since they are empty because Assyrians had left them to immigrate abroad! Thats unacceptable logic, and it means no national basics have been considered to rescue our nation based on our national political believes.

It seems that we are Assyrians only among ourselves! Our Assyrianism became an easy exchangeable entity to Arab and kurd there in our country, and instead of defending our national existence we found ourselves shaking hands with our historical enemy as an tactic to direct our nation peacefully to kurdish lap where there no(Assyrian leadership) but Assyrian representatives to kurds upon us!!
There is kurdish parliament there, and there is kurdish government there too, would you tell me what is in kurdish name belong to us??

The only fact that stops kurds to their limits is our parties to think only about creating an Assyrian front to fight for Assyrian autonomy, similar to kurds autonomy, and under that situation let kurds extend in their population as much as they want, and as long they are under Assyrian autonomy territories, we don't care!!

North of Iraq should be shared by two autonomic territories one for Assyrians and one for kurds, no one has the right to calculate our population based on today Census, and if it happened that's exactly how the plan serves the conspiracy against our nation.
There is a history, a huge history for our political case; no one has the right to deal with that history in a way that serves kurds but not Assyrians!!

First we were arguing the Assyria independent state, then we went lower to argue about Assyrian autonomy, and now the lowest level just to be recognized by kurds, then we shall dream that once we had lands in our historical homeland after kurds will kick out the last Assyrian from there. Cant you see the curve never stops slips down!!??

Leaving the situation as it's running by kurds, there will be no doubts that no more Assyrians shall be left in our historical lands, and then the mercy of God on our souls and our lands that left to us from our forefathers but they just "gone with the wind"!!!!
Just think about it...Just think!!

Albert Alnasser

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