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The enemy has started the countdown of "no more one Assyrian...

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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The enemy has started the countdown of "no more one Assyrian nation"!!

Oct-16-2000 at 06:06 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Dear Assyrians

Who should you Believe in? AUA or AANF or chaldean federation or your GOD who brought Assyrianism to this world!! Isn't your GOD said" Blessed Assyria the work of my hands".?? Isn't your GOD who call chaldeans" This people was not"?? which means not exists!!

Are you Really working against the wish of your GOD!! This is GOD who called you ASSYRIANS not AUA or "chaldean federation!!" whom they think that they have the right to change our National name!!

That is the power of your name, you know GOD before any human being on this earth,that's why he helped you to spread his name all over the world before thousands years!!

Assyrianism is your ID and your religion and your National and political ideology which leads you to your eternal live, it is the most perfect ideology in this world, look to others how failed to be!! stop playing with your name because of your churches!!Almighty GOD who gave you this name, why you are changing it!!?? Do you have better choice than what GOD Preferred to you?? Are you christians or not??! If yes then you lost your faith in GOD, simply as it is!!

Our mighty name that is bothering our enemy, actually not us those who are spreaded in all of the world. Our name is our weapon who is keeping us on top of the world when it comes to talk about civilizations, and that's why our enemy do not like that.

Yes dear Assyrians, now our name is the most funny name among the rest nations of this world. Assyrian name is the last weapon we do have, to threw it shall cost us a great damage to our future generations, once we accept slashing we are eliminated while we are alive. Remember even trees die stand up!! So what you are breathing, talking, walking, working, but you are not Assyrian any more, others want you being "NIL".!!

"NIL" in your live is not important for your enemy, the enemy already accomplished that, but they want you "NIL" in documents, this world civilization is based on documentation, papers, books.

How ancient Assyrian civilization was known to this world, it was by documents kept for thousands years in Ashurbanipal library. People don't live thousands years, but their documents lasts!! So having united people with slashing name, wont help At all!! Those who are thinking in this way they do not understand what is the meaning of document and the national responsibility, actually they do not have such understanding.

We all want to live happely, but please this is a kind of selfishness to think only about us , we might live 80 years or less!!Then what about our wrong documents which lasts for ever!!Again to remind you, our enemy want such documents to frame and brainwash our next generations to accept the new name. The enemy has started the countdown of "no more one Assyrian nation"!!
Is it true that we the Assyrian nation are living our last days under Assyrian name!!??? Is it true that after most of our people got the proper education could not defeat this conspiracy and defend this nation?!

This conspiracy shall last when everyone start thinking only about himself and start thinking that he accumulate sort of rights that he do not know how to deal with it under his new name, some started immediately designing his flag, and trying to change our Assyrian history, any historical events and topics been changed from Assyrian to chaldean title!!Oh my GOD this what exactly our enemy want to accomplish, so we are doing it free!!While this is Happening still those who call such actions as "UNITY" are insisting that Really we are united people..NO DEARS WE ARE NOT!!

The "unity" you are calling for it with slashing, is Really the "unity" that applys to our enemy's designation. And maybe that's why you are still calling the slashing as "unity". Please check our enemy's message again and try to understand it. Trees die Stand up!!So We are standing, but we are dead as an Assyrian nation!!

Albert Alnasser

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