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Again about Assyrian elections for one leadership

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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Again about Assyrian elections for one leadership

Nov-03-2000 at 11:30 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Again about Assyrian elections for one leadership

Dear Assyrians

this is what ANC reported in 13/10/2000:

"Arabize and Cleanse the National Identity of Non-Arabs, the government has instructed its officials in the Nineveh Governorate and its local security apparatus to accomplish this task in two ways: I. Distribute lands belonging to the historic Assyrian villages of Al-Qosh, the heart of Assyria, Batnaia. Tel-Askof, Baglidada (Oara Oosh). Baretieh and Karmelis to members of Arab tribes. 2. Force the inhabitants of these Assyrian villages not to mention their national identity and instead to refer to themselves as Arabs"

Could anyone explain what this nation is waiting for!!Everyone should ask himself to whom he is waiting!!Why no one is acting for serious election for one leadership?? Are we waiting for our political parties and organizations whom the elections will limit them and put them aside!!.

Are we waiting for the Iraqi Government to knock our doors here to tell us "We are Arabs, and we lost our Rights in our historical lands in Assyria Iraq of today" .

Aren't we funny people to have the chance for an Assyrian elections that lead us to argue about our Rights but we do not act!! Is Saddam here also??!!Or we just like to say we do not have one leadership!!

Are you aware what means when Iraqi government might announce that Iraq is empty from any Assyrian....Yes they were living here but they left the country, no Assyrians available in next Iraqi Census!!

Elections, elections nothing but elections!to have the proper way to talk politically otherwise everyone is talking and the enemy do not listen!! Not enough time left to think about it!!

Albert Alnasser

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