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References for accurate understanding and historical compari...

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
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References for accurate understanding and historical comparisons

Jun-04-2001 at 04:26 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited by Albert Nasser on Jul-24-2001 at 02:26 AM (CT)

References for accurate understanding and open mind historical comparisons.

Many good references are available which mentions the truth among their millions words. When a reader/researcher is diving in history to find the truth as if he is trying to find the tiny pin in the Ocean.So our Truth has many facts that scattered here and there contain some hidden secrets about our ancient Assyrian history.

I still emphasize that not only by reading/glancing we may reach to some hidden facts, but with deep open mind comparison with other references is the only way to accomplish an accurate understanding.

Serious damage had been done to the ancient Assyrian history designed by some bad theories(in purpose) were published by non-Assyrian historians whom were on payroll of some powers to serve some filthy purposes against Assyrians. More to say there are universities their history section/dept. has nothing to do only to fake/forgery statements about the Assyrian history to decieve this world.We know them by their names also, they are protected with a huge financial support to achieve such big goals.We know ourselves!! We know how mighty we were and still we are and that's why such huge efforts were created "internationally" to change the history of the mankind that we had produced and still up-to-date nothing had been added to what Assyrians had accomplished but only the electricity.

Forgeries/falsification what's so ever were, had injected among pages of our true mighty history to make it appears a history of only a bloody war machine.

Assyrians were masters for all existed nations without any competition, and that was not welcomed to those who hate Assyrians so they deny our history as the cradle of the humankind civilizations.

watch the history channel in your TV and see how they are concentrating ONLY on Egyptian history which is nothing comparing to Assyrian history. Assyrians were ahead in civilization for over than 500 years while Egyptians were not existed!! Egypt was dwelled by Assyrians before Pharaonies even existed!!This cames a result of archaeological excavations and digging down under several layers of the ground, excavators had found big skeletons of humen not similar to the shorty Pharaonies. The only big bodies in that area were Assyrians. The archaeologists followed the immigration line that Assyrians had followed to Egypt, many discoveries were found on caves of small mountains like drawings showing the ships were of Assyrian design came from (Babylon) through the Gulf to the red sea!!(read this book al-hijarat al-arabia al-qadeemah min shubeh al-jazirah al-arabia wa bilad el-rafiddain wa al-shamm ela misser for Dr.Mahmood abdul hamid Ahmad -university of Damascus.

For below informations(read Haddarat Ma bayna Al-Nahrain for Dr. professor Q.Matviv and A.Sazonov 1986 Mosco.translated to arabic 1991 by Dr.Hanna Adam-Damascus).

1- you still count your day 24 hours, 60 minutes per hour, 60 seconds per minute. That's an Assyrian achievement.

2- you still have 7 days a week..That's an Assyrian achievement.

3- you still calling those days of the week as a translation of Assyrian names.

4- you still calculate the circle as 360 degrees.. that's an Assyrian achievement.
you still measure the curves and angles with a degree measurment!! no one dare to change the 360 degree to 100 or 1000 degrees and all the geometry and engineering sciences were based on those facts which were an Assyrian achievement.

5- you still feel happy when you think that you are born under happy horoscope/stellar chart to predict your future. Scientists before 100-200 years were thinking that such science related to Astronomy. The astronomy science had born in Assyria.

6- still "some" Assyrians and non-Assyrians think that " Most of the Christian materials were translations of the Hebrew and Greek".

for those who only read in the bible about creation, tree of life and the flood story, they should understand that those topics were belong to the ancient Assyrian heritage. The flood story is a copy of Assyrian epic of Gilgamish.Gilgamish himself was not an immagination character created in the Epic of the same name!! Gilgamish was a king, a true king!! More to add about prophet Tamoz(God Tamoz!?), Jesus's story is the same exact story of Tamoz when he was crucified!! There were 2 criminals beside Tamoz!! as well beside Jesus. All those stories were first mentioned in the ancient Assyrian heritage and was quoted to bible to become part of christianity to suite the call for monothesim "one God". The ancient Assyrian spiritual heritage which was monothesim, believed in mighty God Ashur "the name of the true God who we worshipping today" but not as many think that multi Gods were worshipped by ancient Assyrians.

7- you still see sewing productions; the sewing was invented by Assyrians.

8- you still see in symphonies that big old Guitar with many long strings played with ten fingers, that's non-negotiable Assyrian guitar!!The method of playing guitar with 5 fingers as spanish do, is an ancient Assyrian method. drums,trumpet,piano,spanish guitar, westren guitar what else all those musical instruments were developed based on the Assyrian invented instruments.

9- the word love and heart as a centre for romance
was first created in ancient Assyrian songs before 3400 years as was discovered in an archeological mission revealed it's secrets by university of California in 1975.Assyrians were playing 2 tunes per one time to play their musical harmonies.. and they who invented the 7 musical scales of western style not as was mistakenly known had done by ancient Greeks at 400 B.C.

10- invention of clocks was Assyrian one, and ancient Greeks took it and learned it through their trading communication with Assyria.

Assyrians should also realize that their problems are designed by one enemy!!

Take care

Albert Alnasser

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1. RE: References for accurate understanding and historical comparisons

Aug-26-2001 at 01:46 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

In reply to message #0
And what about the message of God who delivered it to millions of idoles and devils worshipers and turned them back to God and saved their life, and kept the purity of His teachings without blemish as they received them from his disiples, and the devil stired almost all the nations against them and they were like sheep srounded by wolfs, but yet they are still exist. What was their hiden power?
Who are the people who dont know and believe in God but He sent his prophet who suppose to be their enemy and didn't do his job in warning them completely but yet they believed in him and their lifes were saved. Why did God care about them? Was this don to any other nation?

This is another reason why we sould be proud of being ASSYRIANS.

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Albert Nassermoderator

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Member: Aug-26-2000
Posts: 255
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2. RE: References for accurate understanding and historical comparisons

Aug-29-2001 at 00:46 AM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

In reply to message #1
why did God care about them? Because they were his followers before any creature on this earth and they are the people who spread the message of God to 4 corners of the ancient world.

don't believe that god had sent prophets or messangers from other nations to lecture Assyrians about God or to repent!!!!?????

take care

albert nasser

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