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Albert Nassermoderator

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Apr-03-2011 at 04:55 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Last edited on 04/26/2011 at 06:01 PM (UTC3 Assyria)

Ashur, The Creator, God Almighty, Lord of the Worlds, whom we worship today, is The God who Kings and People of the Ashurian Empire worshipped before Christianity for thousands of years

Ashur The Creator, God Almighty, Lord of the Worlds, whom we worship today, is the God who Kings and People of the Ashurian Empire worshipped before Christianity for thousands of years, nothing in his Doctrine teaches to deny and omit the values of the Land (homeland) for only recommends construction of Palaces in the sky.

People during Ashurian Empire, through their continuous giving in their Lives were well inspired by God Ashur Doctrine understood and comprehend the value of the Land, without this, such Great Empire won’t be lasts on this Earth for Thousands of years accumulated huge Achievements in the history of mankind, therefore the accomplishments of the spiritual and humanitarian Chapters for the humankind, actually were not welcomed by the Enemy who was stalking Ashur’s Followers, taking advantage of any opportunity to pounce on those achievements that are still influential in the lives of all human beings in four corners of this inhabited Earth to this day.

Achievements to humanity, whom Ashurians have excelled in, were not a result of myths and illusions, and as it was stamped as such under umbrella of inequity and injustice of some Historians, the Truth will always be there for Ashurians to uncover the hidden Reality.

In fact, the tremendous accomplishments were the result of Ashur doctrine. the doctrine of people of Ashur, which God had blessed our Ancestors to excel for thousands of years and walked forward with his blessings conquered and explored spreading his name the Great Creator Ashur, Lord of the heaven and the earth, wherever they step on their footprints.

They have their Holy mission accomplished in establishing of God’s civilization which was not preceded by anyone, not before or after them, therefore he the God called Ashurians “The work of my Hands” and from that starting point Ashrians had started documenting their History, a History which became the sole resource to the First written History of mankind on this earth, no wonder this all was achieved under the watchful Mercy of Almighty God Ashur.

Ashur, O my God, what we have done that angered you, Is it that we pray in your “Other name”? Is it that we have forgotten your Doctrine to invest your teachings on Earth then to look up to reserve a place in your heaven.

Suddenly your invested values on Earth were turned upside down, teaching to deny your Earthen values, indirectly spell to deny our Land, looking up, up above in the sky being blind lost ability seeing you here with us everywhere.

For more than 2000 years, they rehearsed exercising brainwashing our ancestors and our parents and now is our turn to continue their plot to omit your name, they have changed your name The Great Ashur to (?) and said that is the name of your Lord memorise it and repeatedly remember it in your prays as long as you are alive, and spell it out on your deads in their graves so that to rest assured, even in our graves we do not know the name of our Creator!!

Do we disbelieve if we spell your real name in our Prays? Or just because of saying your name will bring us closer to you and your values of life, so that we realize the meaning of the land the land of Ashur, and this is what panics them!!

What religion is this that initiate carelessness to our lives on Earth, prompts us in suicidal manner towards the sky? Which God is this, who asks us to eliminate sticking our spirit to our land while inviting “Others” to expand "their land"??

"They" have succeeded in creating generations of Ashurians who disrespect holding any weight to the meaning of the defence of land and property, generations of rotten soul due to the large indoctrination in self- hatred and their history. They made them largely decline their true Ashurian spiritual values and pray to bless those who hate us who want us be eliminated, coercion and indulging in contempt.

Any injustice that we see silently, submissive of prostration for the good of others and conclude our pray with "Amen!"?

When will God's people realize that their history is the greatest and the most sophisticated Form of spiritual and humanitarian amongst any other nations on Earth?

While our people are the first to recognize the existence of the Great Creator, People have such a history does not need those who did not know God, and had disobeyed him in all their history to come in to teach our people spiritually.

Even the invention of the Cross is an Ashurian one and was part of the Holy accessories of the Ashurian’s Royal Costumes
O God, O merciful Ashur Lord of the Worlds, spread your Mercy upon children of Ashur, people who denied your Holy name, because they were mislead therefore they do not realize.

To preserve the name of our Lord God, the Lord of the Worlds, Ashur, and to stamp our existence with his sign after our death, we should start engraving his symbol with the cross on the graves of our deads.
It will be the first design ever in the world for an Ashurian Christian Tomb Stone with God Ashur Symbol since the fall of the Ashurian Empire.

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