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California State Legislature Passes AJR 31

Posted: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 07:06 AM CT

The California State Legislature passes the Assembly Joint Resolution No. 31 (AJR31).
For the complete document, click on one of the following web addresses (PDF file format).

http://www.atour.com/government/usa/ajr_31_bill_20030423_introduced.pdf (archive copy)

History of Resolution AJR 31 (The Assyrians in Iraq)

On Friday January 30, 2004, Assembly Member Greg Aghazarian (R-Stockton) presented Albert Gabriel, Wilfred Bet Alkhas, and Fred Aprim with framed copies of resolution AJR 31 recognizing their efforts in writing, promoting, and publicizing the resolution.

It was on April 23, 2003, that California legislators introduced the resolution to recognize the Assyrians in future Iraq. On June 24, 2003, the California Joint Assembly filed Resolution AJR 31 (The Assyrians in Iraq) with the Secretary of State as the Resolution passed both houses of the State of California with an overwhelming approval.

The idea of the Assyrian resolution was originally initiated in spring 2003 by Mr. Albert Gabriel (nineveh.com). He suggested to Fred Aprim that it would be beneficial if Assyrians could get something passed in California to honor and recognize the Assyrian Levy for their services for Great Britain and the Allies from 1920-1955, especially during WWII. Fred Aprim put the initial proposed draft. The Assembly Member and his staff added further information about ancient Assyrians and their contribution to mankind, sent it back to Albert and Fred, who put the final touches on the draft. Other minor modifications were made on the draft while on the House floor, and finally it passed overwhelmingly as the State of California Assembly Joint Resolution No. 31 (AJR 31).

The official announcement from the State of California web site, updated June 5, 2003 (a link to it provided here or [Archive]) reflects the groups and the number of individual supporters of the resolution. The web site indicates the names of St. Mary's Assyrian Church, Visionary Inc., and 500 individuals.

Zinda Magazine's founder and editor, Mr. Wilfred Bet Alkhas, played a great role in gathering support for the resolution through a special web page that was designed for that specific purpose.

We want to thank all fellow Assyrians who took the time and sent their support to the office of Assembly Member Greg Aghazarian (the final figure of supporters stood at 866 individual Assyrians worldwide). If this resolution proved something, it is then that we as individuals can make the difference.

Please take a moment and send a thank you note to Assembly Member Greg Aghazarian for his efforts at this address:

Greg Aghazarian
Assembly Member- 26th District
4557 Quail Lakes Dr., # C-3
Stockton, CA. 95207

Thank you,

Albert Gabriel
Fred Aprim

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