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WikiLeaks: 2006-01-04: 06ADANA3: Southeast Turkey Press Summary

Posted: Wednesday, November 09, 2011 at 07:10 PM CT


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06ADANA3 2006-01-04 08:18 2011-08-30 01:44 UNCLASSIFIED Consulate Adana
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E.O. 12958: N/A 
This is the Southeastern Turkey press summary for December 28, 
2005.  Please note that Turkish press reports often contain 
errors or exaggerations; AmConsulate Adana does not vouch for 
the accuracy of the reports summarized here. 
2nd Court of First Instance continued hearing the case of six 
children, who allegedly attempted to burn the Turkish flag in 
Mersin on March 20 (see press summaries 03/21, 23 and 24).  The 
children did not appear at the court session.  Because of the 
Christmas holiday the observers from the European Council did 
not attend the hearing as well.  Attorney of the defendants said 
that the court has focused attention on claims of an 
unidentified person dressed in a suit who allegedly incited the 
children to wrongful action.  The hearing is adjourned until 
March 13, 2006. 
OZGUR GUNDEM / ZAMAN:   Recent secret visit of National Jandarma 
Command's Intelligence Service Chairperson and Brigadier 
Commander Mehmet Corten to Musa Sivacioglu, Chairperson of the 
Turkish Parliament's commission for probing the Semdinli Case 
(TPCSC), to submit a report on the incident, caused a crisis. 
Reportedly, the report said that the two non-commissioned 
officers "acted unprofessionally." Ahmet Ersin, member of the 
commission from CHP (Republican People's Party), angered by the 
alleged secret visit, said this development cast a shadow on the 
credibility of the commission and he would demand to call back 
Corten and have him explain what he meant by "acting 
ZAMAN:  TPCSC will hear the statements of former Hakkari 
Governor Erdogan Gurbuz, National Security Directorate's 
Anti-Terror Section Chairperson Selim Akyildiz and Semdinli 
Subgovernor Mustafa Cihat Feslihan today. 
OZGUR GUNDEM:   The reports generated by MIT (National 
Intelligence Center) Office of the Prime Minister, and Jandarma 
Command have been submitted to the TPCSC.  Jandarma's report 
said that two non-commissioned officers' duty on the day of the 
Semdinli incident were to track down a packet that would 
allegedly be sent from Germany.  When the bombing took place, 
the "team" was there to have a comfort break.  The officers went 
to the site when the bombing took place and the local people 
thought that they carried out the bombing. 
ZAMAN / OZGUR GUNDEM / CUMHURIYET:      Reportedly, following the 
December 19 newspaper report on corruption activities carried 
out at the Habur Border Gate, police initiated an 
anti-corruption operation at Habur Border Gate in Sirnak's 
Silopi district and detained two non-commissioned officers, five 
police officers and a village muhtar (headmen). 
OZGUR GUNDEM:   People in the Karaduvar quarter of Mersin's 
Akdeniz township are reportedly intimidated by the security 
guards of a company called TUTAS Petroleum, which lost a lawsuit 
filed by the local people on charges of illegally installing 
pipelines and contaminating the soil where agricultural 
cultivation was taking place.  Despite the court's verdict, 
guards of the company reportedly attacked the persons that came 
to uninstall the pipes.  The local people are worried about 
violence they have been subjected to and are reportedly afraid 
to send their children to school. 
OZGUR GUNDEM:   The daily reported the displeasure of Kurds 
with a Turkish airline company called Onur Air which made no 
mention of Kurdish people in a four- page December 21 dated 
article in its free promotional magazine, which enumerated the 
names of Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Azeri people as the 
inhabitants of the Sanliurfa province, but made no mention of 
the Kurdish people who reportedly make up the majority of the 
population in Sanliurfa. 
OZGUR GUNDEM:   Syriac Orthodox Christians in Mardin's Midyat 
district celebrated Christmas with a church ritual that started 
at 5.30 a.m. at Mort Smuni Church in Midyat.  The ritual was 
conducted by the Mor Gabriel Monastery Metropolitan Samuel 
EVRENSEL / OZGUR GUNDEM:        During a meeting of Tunceli Mayor 
Songul Erol Abdil with the city assembly and the people of 
Tunceli, the municipality reported on the services it provided 
in 2005 and expressed its commitment to undertake efforts to 
provide a wider variety of services for people of Tunceli in 
OZGUR GUNDEM:   Four of the five people detained on charges of 
alleged plans to assassinate Van Governor Niyazi Tanilir were 
arrested following their detention and arraignment (see press 
summary 12/27). The fifth person was released because of minor 
Koc, a woman who was locked in a stable by her father for six 
years reportedly for separating from her husband in Hakkari's 
Yuksekova district, was rescued through the two-month long 
efforts of women's rights activists. 
HURRIYET:       After noticing a hand grenade in one of the 
irrigation canals of the DSI (State Water Works) canal network 
in Adana, local residents called the police.  Bomb squad members 
safely took the Turkish made bomb to the Security Directorate 
for further analysis. 
ZAMAN:  RTUK (Supreme Board of Radio and Television), which 
have not taken any steps to date about the applications of the 
stations to broadcast in non-Turkish language and dialects on 
grounds that the stations' application documents were not 
complete, held a meeting and announced that it decided to grant 
authorization to local radio and television stations to 
broadcast in non-Turkish languages and dialects. RTUK will 
reportedly require the stations to submit an attested warrant 
that they will neither promote separatism nor provide language 
CUMHURIYET:     Turkish Parliament's Commission for Probing Honor 
Killings (TPCHK), which is currently conducting studies at the 
local level in Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa, have highlighted the 
extent of the ongoing family feuds in the region.  According to 
the statements of the chairperson of the Chamber of Butchers, 
who voluntarily tracks incidents of honor killings and feuds in 
the region, in recent years 88 women fell victim to honor 
killings and there are currently 90 feuds going on in the region. 
OZGUR GUNDEM:   The daily reported criticisms that 
non-governmental organizations in Sanliurfa made against the 
TPCHK.  Reportedly, TPCHK met only with state officials and 
chieftains of the clans in the region, which, according to the 
non-governmental organizations, further strengthened the feudal 
structures in the region. 
HURRIYET (CUKUROVA):    ISDEMIR (Iskenderun Iron ad Steel 
Factory) in Hatay, which has been going through modernization 
for a period of time, aims to break a record in 2005 with a 
production figure of 2,014,780 tons of iron slabs. 
2.      ZAMAN / HURRIYET (CUKUROVA):    Amin Rianom, Indonesia's 
Ambassador to Ankara, who was invited to Adana by ADSIAD (Adana 
Industrialists and Businessmen Association), paid separate 
visits to the Adana Governor Cahit Kirac and Mayor Aytac Durak. 
Rianom called on industrialists in Adana to make investments in 
3.      YENI SAFAK / OZGUR GUNDEM:      The dailies pointed out that 
some provinces in southeastern Turkey have still not been 
included on the incentive list of the government, whereas 
provinces in western Turkey enjoyed benefits from the government 
4.      OZGUR GUNDEM:   DISIAD (Diyarbakir's Businessmen and 
Industrialists Association) announced the new members of its 
executive board elected as a result of an extraordinary 
congress.  Rafi Turk was named as the new chairperson replacing 
Seyhmus Akbas, the former chairperson of DISIAD. 


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