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† 1072: The Massacre of the Monks of Kamul Monastery
by The Ashurbanipal Library Committee
Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2000 03:25 pm CST

In English
During the Patriarchate of Mar Abdisho II, the soldiers of Sultan Toghrel Beg sacked the monastery of Kamul and killed 20 monks.

En español
Durante el Patriarchate de marcha Abdisho II, los soldados de Sultan Toghrel piden sacked el monasterio de Kamul y mataron a 20 monks.

En français
Pendant le Patriarchate de mars Abdisho II, les soldats de Sultan Toghrel prient sacked la monastère de Kamul et ont détruit 20 monks.

Auf Deutsch
Während des Patriarchate von Mrz Abdisho II, bitten die Soldaten von Sultan Toghrel sacked den kirche von Kamul und beendeten 20 monks.

In Italiano
Durante il Patriarchate marzo di Abdisho II, i soldati di Sultan Toghrel elemosinano sacked il chiesa di Kamul ed hanno ucciso 20 monks.

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