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1843-1919: The Public Record Office in Britain - Assyrians

by The Public Record Office in Britain and various sources.
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1896-1919: The Public Record Office in Britain - Assyrians
1843-1919: The Public Record Office in Britain - Assyrians (250 MB PDF)

Colonel Sheil, No. 70
August 31, 1843.

Memorandum respecting the Persecution of the Nestorian Christians by the Turks, Persians, and Khoordish Chiefs.

The Nestorians are a body of Oriental Christians inhabiting the mountainous regions of Khurdistan on the borders of Turkey and Persia, to the westward of Ooroomia.

For a number of years they contrived to maintain themselves in independence, owing to the nearly inaccessible nature of the country which they inhabited.

They were brought into more general notice by the Euphrates Expedition which was sent out by the British Government, under the command of Colonel Chesney, in 1835.

During the last thirty-six years the attention of Her Majesty's Government has been frequently called to the cruelties which have been practised against them, as well as to the persecutions, oppressions, extortions, and other hardships which they have suffered at the hands of the Turks, Persians, and Khoordish Chiefs.

The correspondence upon the subject is very voluminous, occupying, as it does, five thick folio volumes, and it is therefore only proposed on the present occasion to give such a description of its contents, as relates to the actual sufferings of these people, and the steps which the British Government has taken with the view of alleviating them.

1843-1919: The Public Record Office in Britain - Assyrians (250 MB PDF)

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