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585: Synod of Mar Eshooyow
by "Assyrian Church Trumpet" Vol. 1 • No. 2 • March-April 1965. Published Bi-monthly under the auspices of the Assyrian Church Youths' Union, Trichur, South India.
Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 04:00 pm CST

Synod of Mar Eshooyow, the Catholicos Patriarch of the Church of the East held in the year A.D. 585.

"And we decree that any Metropolitan, Bishop, priest or layman that may belittle, reject or refuse to obey anything which has been decided upon or command according to the will of Christ by the Patriarch, such a person we all excommunicate, and by the word of Christ we decree him out from his office until he is contrite and repentant his guilt and subjects himself to the supreme of the Church. We also wish to make the point clear to those who may be concerned with this canon, namely, that a priest CAN NOT suspend his fellow priest, nor a Metropolitan his fellow Metropolitan, nor the Bishops can suspend their own Metropolitan without an official command in writing from the Patriarch. Nor the Metropolitan by himself without the Bishops under his jurisdiction, that is, either all or the majority of them, can suspend a Bishop of his diocese without the command of the Patriarch. The Patriarch should also suspend a Bishop or a Metropolitan who is needful of correction in conjuction with a Bishop, but when it is absolutely necessary for the administration and the peace of the Church, he ( the Patriarch ) is endowed with authority to suspend any Metropolitan or Bishop."

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