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1. Peshitta Aramaic/English Interlinear New Testament 2668

2. Indigenous Peoples Under the Rule of Islam 964

3. Assyrians 4 Christ 790


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Church of the East (13)

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  • Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East - (FRRME) is a non-profit organisation and a registered UK charity that exists to support the unique work of Canon Andrew White, widely known as the Vicar of Baghdad. We promote conflict resolution in the Middle East, specialising in conflicts where there is a religious component to the violence. We also provide humanitarian relief and economic rejuvenation in areas where conflict has caused poverty and hardship.
    Posted: Oct-6-2011 | Visited: 37 | URL:

  • Jesus Spoke Aramaic - inspired by the love for the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament as the inspired Word of God, and the desire to share the benefits of Aramaic with the world, this website offers step-by-step video lessons to help you learn Aramaic.
    Posted: Jun-13-2014 | Visited: 31 | URL:

  • Keikyo Institute - the word "keikyo" is a Chinese character which means "the shining faith." These characters were used to refer to the early church in Japan. The website exists with the hope that the long Christian history in Japan will come together and in some small way bring unity to the church.
    Posted: Feb-21-2001 | Visited: 451 | URL:

  • Open Doors International - an international non-profit ministry that supports and strengthens persecuted Christians in high-risk places.
    Posted: Dec-2-2013 | Visited: 21 | URL:

  • The Passion of the Christ Editors' Pick - a film depiction of the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ's life, starring actors James Caviezel and Monica Bellucci, produced by Mel Gibson. [Preview]
    Posted: Oct-21-2003 | Visited: 597 | URL:

  • The Picture Christians Project - an organization with the goal of using powerful images to connect people in the West to Christians in all parts of the world, to raise the needed human and financial capital to provide relief for their suffering and resolutions, and to the causes of their conditions, especially in the Middle East.
    Posted: Jul-7-2015 | Visited: 33 | URL:

  • The Way International - a worldwide, nondenominational Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry headquartered in rural Ohio, USA.
    Posted: Sep-5-2008 | Visited: 136 | URL:

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To know your past, is to know yourself.

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin, April 15. - Dr. Joseph Shimoon, a former student of Carroll College, Waukesha, and who was a member of the 1903 class of the Jefferson College, Philadelphia, was burned at the stake and beheaded in Persia, according to advices reaching here from Philadelphia. No date was given in the reports but they show that Dr. Shimoon was seized at Urumiah, Persia, by Turks who tried to compel him to embrace Islamism. Upon his refusal and statement that "Jesus is my Savior," he was seized, set on fire, burned to death and beheaded.

-- The New York Times, 16 April 1916.

Assyrian Holocaust - religious persecution and ethnic genocide of Assyrians in the Middle East.
Assyrian Holocaust | History Timeline | 1900's section 

Assyria \ã-'sir-é-ä\ n (1998)   1:  an ancient empire of Ashur   2:  a democratic state in Bet-Nahren, Assyria (northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey and eastern Syria.)   3:  a democratic state that fosters the social and political rights to all of its inhabitants irrespective of their religion, race, or gender   4:  a democratic state that believes in the freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture in faithfulness to the principles of the United Nations Charter — Atour synonym

Ethnicity, Religion, Language
» Israeli, Jewish, Hebrew
» Assyrian, Christian, Aramaic
» Saudi Arabian, Muslim, Arabic
Assyrian \ã-'sir-é-an\ adj or n (1998)   1:  descendants of the ancient empire of Ashur   2:  the Assyrians, although representing but one single nation as the direct heirs of the ancient Assyrian Empire, are now doctrinally divided, inter sese, into five principle ecclesiastically designated religious sects with their corresponding hierarchies and distinct church governments, namely, Church of the East, Chaldean, Maronite, Syriac Orthodox and Syriac Catholic.  These formal divisions had their origin in the 5th century of the Christian Era.  No one can coherently understand the Assyrians as a whole until he can distinguish that which is religion or church from that which is nation -- a matter which is particularly difficult for the people from the western world to understand; for in the East, by force of circumstances beyond their control, religion has been made, from time immemorial, virtually into a criterion of nationality.   3:  the Assyrians have been referred to as Aramaean, Aramaye, Ashuraya, Ashureen, Ashuri, Ashuroyo, Assyrio-Chaldean, Aturaya, Chaldean, Chaldo, ChaldoAssyrian, ChaldoAssyrio, Jacobite, Kaldany, Kaldu, Kasdu, Malabar, Maronite, Maronaya, Nestorian, Nestornaye, Oromoye, Suraya, Syriac, Syrian, Syriani, Suryoye, Suryoyo and Telkeffee. — Assyrianism verb

Aramaic \ar-é-'máik\ n (1998)   1:  a Semitic language which became the lingua franca of the Middle East during the ancient Assyrian empire.   2:  has been referred to as Neo-Aramaic, Neo-Syriac, Classical Syriac, Syriac, Suryoyo, Swadaya and Turoyo.

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