Editors' Note

In our sincere efforts to bring further awareness and to inform the Assyrian people of relevant information, we have posted news releases from a variety of sources to ensure our communities are informed of events which affect our people.  Due to the following email request from Mr. Peter Pnuel BetBassoo and a subsequent telephone conversation with Mr. Firas Jatou, both from AINA, certain articles in the Atour News section need to be removed from our database systems.

Further clarification of our position in regards to these issues
can be found in our Terms of Service, Copyright and Privacy section.

 ----- Original Message -----
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 6:49 AM
Subject: Copyright infringement [second notice]

Dear Sir:

On 12-6-2000 the letter below was sent to you in regarding the copyright violations of AINA's content. We have not received a response from you, and the copyrighted material remains on your servers. kindly respond to our requests stated below and remove the copyrighted content from your servers. Your prompt action will be appreciated.


It has come to our attention that several articles and publications ("Items") copyrighted by the Assyrian International News Agency ("AINA"), and which are the intellectual property of AINA, have been found on your server, and that AINA has never granted permission for these Items to be copied to your server.

The Items listed in Appendix A below, and which are now on atour.com, are the property of AINA, and are in violation of Sections 2.3 and 2.4 of AINA's Terms Of Use policy (http://www.aina.org/terms.). Accordingly, AINA asks that you:

1) Remove the Items from your server
2) Cease and desist from further acts of copyright infringement, now and in perpetuity
3) Remove any other items belonging to AINA of which AINA is not aware (including any items belonging to AINA's Holocaust page)

You may only link to our content, per the Terms Of Use (see http://www.aina.org/terms.htm).

Your prompt attention will be appreciated.

Appendix A


Peter Pnuel BetBasoo
Assyrian International News Agency