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Mar Rafael Bet Daweed visits Hazarjot
by Zinda - March 17, 1998
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 06:19 pm CST


HAZARJOT, Iraq (ZINDA) - Mar Rafael Bet Daweed, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church laid the foundation stone for Mart Maryam Church in Hazarjot village. The ceremony was attended by Bishop Mar Ablahed, Raban of Ekrah and Zeebar; Mar Amanouel Beny, Bishop of the Syrian Catholic Church of Mosul; Mar Toma Eramia, Bishop of the Ancient Church of the East; Mar Sleebah, Bishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Mosul; Mar Andrious Sanah Bishop of Kirkuk; Mar Ablahed Sanah, Bishop of Alqush; Mar Youhanna Kelo, Bishop of Zakho and Nohadra; Mar Estefan Babekah and father Philipos Dawood of Nohadra and many other priests from Baghdad, Mosul, Alqush and Nohadra. Also the ceremony was attended by delegates from Zowaa, Yacub Yosip, Younan Hozaya, Adwar Hanna, Sara Yousif. Mr. Yacub Yosip presented his speech and thanked the villagers for their determination of returning and rebuilding their village. The Bishop of the village presented his speech and the village representative and U.N. representative Mr. Geerhard presented his speech praising the village. Hazarjot

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