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New Irrigation Project in Duhok, Northern Iraq
by Bahra News | Assyrian Democratic Movement, July 1999 issue.
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 06:43 pm CST


MANGESH, Iraq (BAHRA) -- The development division of the Assyrian Aid Society with the support of the German organization ELBC has recently initiated a new irrigation project in the village of Kon Kosa of the Mangesheh District. The project includes widening the irrigation streams for a length of 250 meters to increase river flow as well as building a dam for water storage. The widening of the stream will also require the building of a new bridge for stream crossing. The joint project with ELBC is the second of its kind similar to that of the Shiuz (Sejy) villages which was started a few months earlier. The Shiuz project is reported to be ongoing as scheduled and planned.

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