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Assyrian POW's Released in Iran
by Assyrian Universal Alliance, December 4, 1998
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 07:33 pm CST


TEHRAN, Iran (AUA) - Assyrian Universal Alliance, Secretary John J. Nimrod was just notified that the Islamic Republic of Iran, independently released Iraqi Assyrian-Chaldean Prisoners of War. This gesture by the Government of Iran was an action taken in observance of Christmas Holiday.

Bishop Ramacy of Iran was present at the release of POW's and later observed a mass service for the occasion. We thank the Government of Iran for the Humanitarian Gesture at this Christmas Season.

For additional information, please contact E. Benyamin or Hidoo Hidoo at:

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The eleven Prisoners of War released are:

  • Raad Matis Alla Wardy
  • Ramis Elias Benna Bahena
  • Latif Shimonn Dakhd
  • Richard Behnam
  • Atheer Ibrahim Zeba
  • Behnam Matti
  • Jibrael Daniel
  • Sabih Behnam Yacoub
  • Bashar Matti Toma
  • Lowi Baba Yalda
  • Manhal Hanna Abuu

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