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Khatami Receives Assyrian Representatives
by Zinda - Courtesy of Iranian News Agency IRNA; Tehran, 4 July 2000
Posted: Thursday, July 20, 2000 03:07 pm CST


(ZNDA: BBC) Iranian President Hojjat ol-Islam Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday, 4 July 2000, said that followers of several religions had throughout the history peacefully coexisted with each other in Iran and stressed their contribution to the development of the Iranian-Islamic civilization.

President Khatami who was meeting the deputies of the religious minorities in the Iranian Parliament or Majlis, recalled that "revelation" was the common element of all divine religions and observed that Islam puts great emphasis on peaceful coexistence with followers of all religions.

The Iranian president said that the status of affairs in Iran and its fate equally affected all its nationals, regardless of their religion, and highlighted the need to prepare appropriate living conditions for the followers of all religions.

Khatami underscored the heavy responsibility of Majlis deputies who represent religious minorities and expressed hope that all Iranian minorities would cooperate to deal with their own affairs. In the meeting, the Assyrian delegates presented Khatami a report of the current status and problems of the Assyrians in Iran. They also expressed support for the reform programs and the comprehensive development plans of Khatami's administration.

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