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Report on the Tragedy of the Assyrian Team in Syria
by Beth Suryoyo Assyrian
Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2000 09:25 pm CST


Beth Suryoyo Assyrian - Beth Nahrin, Syria:

This is the information that we were able to obtain at this time. The Assyrians of Tel Tamir and the surrounding Khabour Villages have created a soccer (football) team for the youth. The members are of ages ranging in the late teens and early twenties. We heard the oldest was probably 20-21. On the morning of Wednesday, October 11th, they were riding in a van to go to Ras Al-Ain which is not far from Tel Tamir to have a friendly soccer (football) game with the team of Ras Al-Ain. There were about 12-15 players in the van and accompanied by their coach who is also Assyrian. The driver of the van was a Kurd from the area as well, and they happened to have a Bedouin Arab passenger with them also on the van.

The van driver attempted to cut in front of a big trailer truck and he wasn't able to so they were hit directly from the front with a head on collision and it happened to be that another trailer truck was driving behind them, which also ended up ramming the van from the back. The van was totaled completely to the point that its top was cut off because of the accident. As for the rest of the team, then the coach who was in his late twenties and got married not long ago and recently was blessed with his first child, a daughter, was one of the people that were killed in the accident. As for the players, we were told that they were all from Tel Tamir except for one who was from the surrounding Assyrian village of Tel Tawil. Six of the players were killed in the accident. Of the players, there were two brothers, one of whom died immediately and the other lost both of his legs. Another one of the casualties died on his way to the hospital of internal bleeding. The others that were killed died immediately in this horrible accident. The rest of the team was all injured and many are in critical conditions. We could not find out the names of any of the deceased yet, but we hope to find out soon and we will keep you all posted. The funeral for the victims will be held tomorrow in the Church of the East in Qamishly and Tel Tamir.

The accident was considered to be the fault of the driver of the van, which they were riding in, whose head was separated because of the accident and died immediately. The Bedouin Arab was also one of the casualties of the accident.

Our condolences go to the families of the deceased and our Prayers will be kept for them and the other injured Assyrians in this accident. We ask you all to keep them in your Prayers and hope that they pass these very difficult times.

Courtesy of Bethsuryoyo Assyrian homepage

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