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Assyrian Tablets Found in Excavations in Bismil
by Anadolu Ajansi - Anatolia News Agency
Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2000 03:47 am CST


DIYARBAKIR. Fifteen tablets written in Assyrian language and various other historical artifacts were unearthed in the excavations carried out in Hasankeyf township of southeastern Batman province and Bismil township of southeastern Diyarbakir province.

Many historical artifacts were unearthed in the excavations which were held in ten different spots in Hasankeyf and Bismil. Andreas Schachner, the head of the excavation team, said on Friday that they found architectural constructions built around 5000-4500 B.C. in Grecano Tumulus in Bismil township. Schachner noted that they found 15 tablets written in Assyrian language in the tumulus and that a German expert read one of these tablets.

The tablet was about an Assyrian merchant lived in eight century B.C. and his commercial deals, Schachner stated. They think that all the tablets found in the tumulus were private archive of a person who lived those days, Schachner said, adding that but he thinks all the tablets were about different issues. Schachner emphasized that they hope they can learn significant information about those days from these tablets. Schachner added that the excavations carried out in the region and the excavations are very important since they aim at receiving information which will illuminate the history of the region.

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