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Turkey’s Assyrians celebrate Christmas
Posted: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 10:26 pm CST


Turkey’s Assyrian community celebrates Christmas in Mardin’s Kýrklar church in the early hours of Christmas day Assyrians in the southeastern city of Mardin wore their traditional costumes for Christmas day. At a special Christmas day mass at Kýrklar Assyrian church to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, Assyrians reenacted the lighting of torches by shepherds who had seen the radiance of Jesus Christ’s arrival. Boys and girls sang hymns in Turkish, Arabic and Aramaic. Later special incense was lit specially brought in from Damascus in Syria. Blessing those who attended the mass, Kýrklar church priest Gabriel Akyüz said December 25 is a very important day for his community. After the mass many young girls lit candles and held wishes.

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