News in Bet-Nahren, Assyria

Northern Watch - January
by Zinda News From Northern Iraq
Posted: Monday, February 12, 2001 01:19 am CST

  1. A new issue of the monthly "Bahra" magazine is published in Arbil in Arabic and Assyrian by the Assyrian Democratic Movement. The Assyrian National Party publishes a new issue of "Quyamin" monthly newsletter in Arabic on this day in Dohuk also.
  2. Assyrian Democratic Movement Secretary-General attends a meeting of political parties in Salah-al-Din.
  3. A Kurdish delegation in Dohuk visits branch-2 of Assyrian Democratic Movement.
  4. A bomb explodes at the house of Rafael Dawud Hilo in the Shorish District in the city of Arbil. Mr. Hilo's wife is a teacher at the Assyrian school in Arbil. NA: In a decision by the Iraqi Kurdistan regional parliament, a General Directorate for Assyrian Education is appointed.

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