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Assassination of Franso Hariri, a Member of Kurdish Leadership
by Kurdish Media, 02-19-2001
Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2001 01:21 am CST


Arbil ( 19 Jan 2001: Yesterday morning, Franso Hariri, a member of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) central committee and in charge of second branch of KDP, was assassinated on his way from home going to the place of his work in Arbil. A spokes person on behalf of the interior ministry of Kurdistan regional government announced that Mr. Hariri was attacked by armed terrorists waiting for him on his way to work. The spokes person promised to find the criminals to take their punishment. The assassination incident took place at Siteen Street in Arbil at 9:00 am. Four terrorists involved in the attack. They were armed with heavy machine guns.

Mr Hariri was born in Harir-Arbil on 1937, graduated from Arbil teaching institution on 1960. He worked inside KDP in the early sixties of the last century. He was one of the persons very near to the late Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzany. He became in charge of important positions during his work in KDP and Kurdish Revolution at different periods of times. He was elected as a member of KDP central committee on 1979 and took over many party and governmental positions like the head of KDP side in Kurdistan regional parliament, the governor of Arbil and a minister in the third Kurdistan Regional Government in Arbil.

It is worth mentioning, that two more attempts have been made on his life in Arbil on 1994 and 1997 at the same place and the same street but he escaped from both.

He has one daughter and four sons, two of them left London to join burial ceremony of their father. The burial ceremony takes places on Monday. He reaches his final destiny in his birthplace in the city of Harir, 70 KM away from Arbil. The head of Kurdistan Regional government, in Arbil, has declared three days public mourning.

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