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Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 03:30 PM CTADM

AssyriaHope this new year holds much happiness for you and those you love.  ZOWAA loves you.

It is no secret how important it is to broadcast information to all the people of our nation to create a national awakening. Supporting the media of communication supports people who work continuously toward the goal of building foundations of unity among us — especially those of us who live in our homeland. This unity will instill pride in our people to become settlers of the land of our forefathers — Babylon and Assyria. Our media in our homeland needs support in so many ways, but we all understand how monetary support is an essential condition for its existence and continuity. With this support, our homeland media will complete the sacred duty to which they are called.

We are writing you to ask you to lend a hand to the Ashur Television program in Dohuk, Iraq. This program is an excellent vehicle for spreading national information among the sons and daughters of our homeland. With your help of a mere $9 per month, we can meet the needs of continuing this program. Your support will bring fruition to the important and honorable goal of broadcasting information to our nation.

Thank you for your generous support.
God bless you and your family.
ADM Support Fund - Donation and Membership Form
Please check one of the boxes below
□ I am donating $9/monthly
□ I am donating $108 for a year's membership
□ I am making a monthly donation of $_______
□ I am making a one time donation of $_______
Check enclosed for $___________
      Annual or one time deductions may be made by check.
      Please make checks payable to ADM Support Fund
Name: Tel: (       )
Address: Fax: (       )
City: E-Mail:
State: Zip: Country:

Please print and mail this form with your check to:
ADM Support Fund
P.O. Box 25340
Chicago, Illinois 60625 USA

1-877-699-6922 (MY ZOWAA)

Thank you for your support.

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NOTE: ZOWAA Satellite USA & Canada, every Saturday at 2:30 PM on Appadana International T.V.

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