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New Ethnic Cleansing Activities of Kurdish Regional Government

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 02:03 PM CT

The geographical heartland of Assyria (northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey and Syria.)

It has come to our attention that the Kurdish Regional Government, KRG, has embarked on a discriminating policy against the Assyrians of the region by expropriating Assyrian owned land. This policy is directed against the Assyrian population only; there is no such expropriating against Kurds.

Now, we will review the case of a well known village called Koregavana located 10Km northeast of Dohuk city in Kurdistan/Assyria. This village was established in 1923 by the well known family of Malek Chikko whose family and the inhabitants still own the deed of the village. The village presently consists of seventy five families totaling approximately 400 persons.

The inhabitants of the village over the years have struggled to maintain a good relation with the neighboring population and the officials of the region. It is well known and documented fact that the Koregavana people and the Malek Chikko family have been, in the forefront, supporting Kurdish up rise against the Iraqi chauvinist regimes, especially against Saddam.

Koregavana has given martyrs alongside the Kurdish people in pursuit of liberty and freedom of all. The family of Malek Chikko dire sacrifice has been the martyrdom of its beloved son Hormez Malek Chikko, God bless his soul, who was killed in the line of duty along with hundreds of courageous Assyrian fighters.

The KRG policy toward this and other villages is unwarranted and it is only one sided, serving the KRG interests, with disregards to the right of the citizens in the region especially the Assyrian population. This policy reflects, if we may say: a dangerous and unpopular one; many regimes in the past have failed in confiscating lands and have brought discontent and consequently resulted in chaos.

The KRG as part of its promises to the Assyrians in the North to rebuild and return 300 villages depopulated during the civil war with Iraq regime to the rightful owners has yet to be materialized. Unfortunately the results of promises that were made by the Late Mullah Mustafa Barzani to the Assyrians are very much different and disappointing; the reality, today, is clear; these policies are intended to uproot the Assyrians from their ancestral homeland. A good example is Koregavana which KRG is intending to overtake and monopolize the Game of Stealing Assyrian Heritage of Northern Iraq. The present policy is a copy of Saddam’s previous policy that was implemented against the Kurds which ended in total failure; now, we do not wish that the same fate will come to the leadership of the KRG, as that of the Ba’ath regime.

We are cautioning the KRG and its leadership of such policies; land expropriating is a serious matter. The international community including the UN and the Court of Justice and other NGO are patiently waiting and collecting data and information that can be used in the future against the KRG aspiration.

The Assyrians have been fervent supporters of the Kurdish cause, and as a result, have lost thousands of lives, as well as suffered greatly by the common enemy; it is unbelievable that the Kurdish leadership is forgetting those sacrifices that have commenced during the up rise of Sheikh Abd al Salam Barzani, continuing to the present day.

We believe that Assyrians are still the most trusted supporters of the Kurdish leadership than the Kurds themselves. The Assyrian fighters have been the cornerstone in the success of the Kurdish revolution; this is truly unacceptable compensating to an ally.

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