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Ten Years On:
Saudi Arabia’s Textbooks Still Promote Religious Violence

by The Center for Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute | September 11, 2011 (PDF).

Posted: Monday, September 26, 2011 at 07:23 PM CT

ten years on

Ten Years On:
Saudi Arabia’s Textbooks Still Promote Religious Violence

Center for Religious Freedom
Hudson Institute
September 11, 2011 (PDF)

About the Center for Religious Freedom

The Center for Religious Freedom promotes religious freedom as a component of U.S. foreign policy by working with a worldwide network of religious freedom experts to provide defenses against religious persecution and oppression.

Since its inception in 1986, the Center has sponsored investigative field missions; reported on the religious persecution of individuals and groups abroad; and undertaken advocacy on their behalf in the media, Congress, State Department and White House.

Religious freedom faces hard new challenges. Recent decades have seen the rise of extreme interpretations of Islamist rule that are virulently intolerant of dissenting voices and other traditions within Islam, as well as of non-Muslims. Many in the policy world still find the topic of religious freedom too "sensitive" to raise. But since 9/11, the link between America’s national interests and its ideals has never been clearer.

When U.S. policy falls short, the Center for Religious Freedom works to speak up for the promotion of religious freedom and the defense of persecuted believers. During the Cold War, the Center focused on helping religious believers persecuted under Communism. Today, while it continues to press for religious freedom in the remnant communist states of China, North Korea and Vietnam, it is increasingly engaged in ensuring that American policymakers defend the principle of religious freedom and believers who are persecuted purely for their religious beliefs in the Muslim world. These persecuted believers include Christians, Jews, Mandeans, Yizidis, Baha’is, Ahmadis, Zoroastrians, and a number of other non-Muslim religions, as well as Muslim minorities and dissident reformers who find themselves condemned for the religious crimes of blasphemy and apostasy.

The Center for Religious Freedom joined Hudson Institute in January 2007, following a ten-year affiliation with Freedom House. For more information about the Center, visit our website at

About the Hudson Institute

Hudson Institute is a nonpartisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis. Founded in 1961, Hudson is celebrating a half century of forging ideas that promote security, prosperity, and freedom. For more information about Hudson Institute, visit our website at

Center for Religious Freedom Staff

Nina Shea, Director
Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow
Lela Gilbert, Adjunct Fellow
Sarah Schlesinger, Research Fellow
Samuel Tadros, Research Fellow
Kurt Werthmuller, Research Fellow

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