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Assyrian Community Networking Conference IV

Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 07:51 PM CT

Assyrian Community Networking Conference IV
Organized by: Nineveh On Line

Saturday, May 23, 1998
1:00 pm PST
Double-Tree Hotel, Center Plaza, Modesto, CA

Objectives of the Conference

  • To improve our understanding of the social, economic, technical, and political issues which characterize the challenges and potential for Assyrian community networking. To examine types of Assyrian networking, and to study future projects.
  • To continue consideration of a Committee to act (or react) in timely fashion to issues of Assyrian concern as they may arise.
  • To assess the financial needs for community projects, and to consider their source of funding.

Community activists, regardless of their professional background, and including students, are invited to discuss community networking issues in context of the information superhighway and Assyrian issues in general. The Conference seeks emphasis on how to establish a networking infrastructure among the Assyrian communities across the country, and on how the information superhighway can be utilized as a means for education, cultural and political activities.

Call for Papers and Presentations

Individuals interested in making a presentation or offering a demonstration related to conference objectives are welcome. Submissions can be made electronically.

Some of our previous presentations have included:

  1. Learning Syriac the Modern Way (Lawrence Namato)
  2. The AssyrianLink Experience (Gil Chamaki)
  3. Demonstration of Streaming Video and Audio (Brent Olson) / Hollinet
  4. Real Time and on demand Video (Michele Davis) / Vxtreme
  5. The Need for an Assyrian infrastructure in the Age of Cyberspace (Abdulmesih BarAbrahem)
  6. Effective use of the Internet as a Modern Day Tool (Peter Jasim)
  7. Web Pages and their Interface Applications (Sargon Tavour)
  8. Assyrian Activism in the New Communications Era (Wilfred Alkhas)
  9. New Methods in Recording Assyrian History (Esha Tamras)
  10. The Internet as a Tool for Pursuing Accountability (Francis Sarguis)

Presentations should be approximately 25 minutes in duration, with an additional 5 minutes for questions.

Submissions by potential presenters must be received no later than March 30, 1998. Please provide name, address, telephone number (and fax, or e-mail if available). Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by May 5, 1998.

Pre-Registration For All Attendees

The conference is open to any individual, but advance registration is required to enable proper planning and arrangements by the organizers.

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