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Assyrian Exhibitions
by Atour, March 1, 1999
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 07:54 pm CST

CHICAGO, Illinois (ATOUR) - Governor Jim Edgar’s office of Ethnic Affairs sponsored an exhibit featuring Assyrian history, at the James R. Thompson Center. The exhibit was created by students Mark Mansor and Robert Balou, and it won first place at Allesndro Volta School. This Assyrian exposition was also presented at the Chicago Metro History Fair and Illinois Expo History Fair in Springfield at the State Convention Center.


Governor Jim Edgar of Illinois sponsored a United Nations Day program in Honor of International Year of Older Persons 1999. The program included ethnic cultural exhibits, as well as parade of international costumes. Over 200 people representing more than 40 nations participated in this program. The event took place at the James R. Thompson Center with over 1000 in attendance. Shown wearing an Assyrian costume is Vasili Shoumanov, Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation. In the background is Pat Michalski, Assistant to the Governor for Ethnic Affairs.


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