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Assyrians in Turmoil in Ukraine

Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 10:20 PM CT

NIZHYN, Ukraine


We would like to apply to you with a request. As you may know economical situation in Ukraine and almost all former Soviet Republics is rather poor. As a public voluntary institution, we exist on the rich Assyrians' and people's donations, but this money is obviously not enough. Nowadays old and young Assyrians suffer mostly, because for old people cannot afford necessary medicines, as there exists a rather big indebtedness of the Government on pensions, though the amount of an average pension now reaches an equivalent of $10.

As for children, they need care too. Here, in Nizhyn, live approximately 80 Assyrian families, and many of them have little children. These cities are situated in the region influenced by Chernobyl Atomic Power Station, and this very town, Nizhyn, is situated 85 kilometers from Chernobyl. And at the time of explosion on the station this town was also influenced, and not only at the time of explosion, but a long time after.

There are different Associations here, Greek, Jewish and others, which take their children every year during their school holidays to Italy, USA, Cuba for prophylaxis of harmful radiation influence, as there are special prophylactic courses for children.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford taking Assyrian children for prophylaxis abroad, still we are sure our children need that. We want to bring up healthy and strong generation of Assyrians, and that is why I ask you for help.

The program of social help worked out by our Association, presupposes taking a group of approximately 25 - 35 children and 4 attendants abroad for the period from July, 1 till August, 25 (during the period of their school holidays) for passing prophylactic course.

Please, help us to arrange this, because we cannot do it by ourselves, or please, forward this message to organizations or people who can help us arrange it. Or please notify us about the organizations or people who can help us. This is really very serious. If you have any suggestions or propositions, please, contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Leonid V. Israil

Assyrian Association of Ukraine
tel/fax +38 046 314 3559
Ukrainian register code 21399236
16600 Ukraine
Chernigiv Region
Nizhyn, Gogol Str., 8

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