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Commemoration of the Assyrian Martyrs Day 7th August 2000
by Hermiz Shahen - Secretary, Assyrian Universal Alliance [Australia]
Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 06:49 pm CST


Commemoration of the Assyrian Martyrs Day, 7th August 2000. Sydney, Australia

On Sunday, 06 August 2000, Assyrian Church of the East and the Assyrian Australian National Federation held a special commemoration of the Assyrian Martyrs day, in the Church Hall "Edessa Reception" after the Church mass in St. Hurmizd's Cathedral.

The program was presented by Mr. Ninous Nisan. Allegiance to the flags of Australia, Assyrian and Church of the East, were performed by the Church Choir, followed by a special wreathe laying and candle lighting to the Soul of the glorious Martyrs by His Beatitude Mar Narsai De Baz and His Grace Mar Meelis Zaia.

Speeches were delivered by the following Assyrian organization representatives:

  • Mr. Younatam Afarem , president of the Assyrian Australian National Federation.
  • Mr. Hermiz Shahen, Secretary of the Assyrian Universal Alliance.
  • His Grace Mar Meelis Zaia, Bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East Diocese of Australia and New Zealand.
  • His Beatitude Mar Narsai De Baz Metropolitan of Lebanon, Syria and Europe.

The event also included poem readings by Mr. Anwar Atto and representative of the Assyrian Democratic Organisation, Mr. Jack Shimon.

The audiences were captured by the magnificent performance of the Choir of the Assyrian Church of the East that was composed and conducted by Maestro Shura Mikhalian one of the most respected Assyrian musicians of our time.

The vast majority of the Assyrian organisations were present:

  • Assyrian Democratic Movement, Mr. Frederick Oraha.
  • Assyrian Democratic Organisation, Mr. Dinkha David.
  • Assyrian Australian Academic Society, Mrs. Lounarda David
  • Media representative from both Assyrian TV Channel 31, Mr Salim Adam and Assyrian Radio program organiser of SBS - Ethnic Radio, Mr. Wilson Younan.

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