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Final Declaration: the Conference of the Scandinavian Section of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM)

Posted: Friday, March 05, 2004 at 10:56 PM CT

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Final Declaration the Conference of the Scandinavian Section of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) Under the banner of “To make the organisation of the Scandinavian Section efficient in accordance with the development in the homeland”, the Scandinavian Section of the Assyrian Democratic Movement held its second conference in Jönköping, Sweden, on February 27-29, 2004, with delegates from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The conference was held while our ChaldoAssyrian people and Iraqi people in general is going through a new era after the fall of Saddam Hussein and the end of the dictatorship. We are experiencing a critical period through which the foundation of future Iraq is being formed to create a democratic and independent country that guarantees the rights of all ethnic and religious groups. Thus a new law, which will underlie the constitution, was decided by the Iraqi Governing Council. The leadership of ADM which represents the ChaldoAssyrians in the Governing Council achieved important results on this matter. The law recognises our national rights (administrative, cultural and political), using our language (Syriac) in national schools and authorities and guarantees a fair representation of the ChaldoAssyrians in the interim government.

During this reconstruction process, ADM and several Iraqi organisations were a target for terrorist attacks with intent to cause destabilisation and insecurity in the country and ruin the national unity. We condemn these terrorist actions directed on ADM, our people and other Iraqi organisations.

The conference pointed out the significant role of ADM as a consequence of its long struggle and sacrifices and the attendance from our people around the country, which gives ADM a considerable confidence. On the national level ADM enjoys an outstanding reputation and represents the ChaldoAssyrian people in the Governing Council via Mr. Yonadam Yousef Kanna and has greatly contributed to the agreement about the combined name (ChaldoAssyrian) in conjunction with the General Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Congress. On the Scandinavian level the conference established the necessity of organisational reconstruction in accordance with the development in the homeland and stressed the role of the ChaldoAssyrian women and youth.

The period between first and second conference was evaluated to correct the mistakes and invent methods for a better development and to be able to implement the party’s policy in accordance with the recent changes. Furthermore the delegates assured to continue the work that ADM´s martyrs and our people started to achieve our legitimate rights. Our great reverence to the souls of our martyrs.

Our greetings to party fellows and our people in the homeland and to the Iraqi people at this time of freedom and democracy.

Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM)
The Scandinavian Section’s Second Conference, March 02, 2004.

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