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Assyrian European Convention 6754/2004

Posted: Saturday, May 01, 2004 at 03:34 PM CT

Assyrian European Convention 6754/2004

Date: 12 April 6754/2004

Dear Sir/Madame,

We waited for a long time but it has finally arrived; the first Assyrian European Convention will be organized this year in the Netherlands. The Assyrian Federations of Europe are organizing this event to strengthen the trans-national platform of the Assyrian Cause.

The Assyrian European Convention (AEC) 6754/2004 will last six days and will take place from July 27th until August 1st 6754/2004 in the Netherlands (in the cities of Enschede and Hengelo). The programme contains a major variety of activities such as theatre, music, lectures, tournaments, etc... You will be receiving the detailed and final programme in the near future. During the upcoming AEC, the Assyrian Federations of Europe will also be holding meetings in hopes of creating a single unified Assyrian European Federation.

Participation will improve the unity and the cooperation between Assyrians and we hope to see you soon at the Assyrian European Convention 6754/2004 in the Netherlands.

Yours sincerely,

Tawdi and Basima Raba,
Shukri Aziz

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
The Assyrian European Convention 6754/2004 is being organized by the Assyrian European Federations, namely:

  1. Assyriska Riksförbundet i Sverige (ARS) (Assyrian Federation of Sweden)
  2. Federatie Tur Abdin Nederland (FTN) (Assyrian Federation of the Netherlands)
  3. Zentralverband der Assyrischen Vereinigungen in Mitteleuropa (ZAVD) (Assyrian Federation of Germany)
  4. Association des Assyro-Chaldéens de France (AACF) (Assyrian Federation of France)
  5. Assyrian Youth Federation (AJF)

For more information or questions:
Shukri Aziz: Tel. 0031 624543734
Bedros Chamoun Tel. 0031 642138790

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