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Magical Gift Given to School Children of Armenia

Posted: Saturday, January 03, 2009 at 08:06 PM CT

YEREVAN, Armenia | CHICAGO, Illinois USA — As a follow up to his 2005 Magic tour of Armenia, Award winning Armenian Magician Baron Ashod, a.k.a. Ashod Baboorian, performed throughout Armenia this past September for excited school children. Performing nineteen magic shows over three weeks, Baron Ashod amazed Armenians of all ages with his comedic brand of magic that has been entertaining Chicago area residents for over thirty years.

Schools and churches visited by Baron Ashod on this tour include those in Talin, Vanadzor, Aradashad, Nor Kharpet, Gyumri and Yerevan. While appearing in Vanadzor, Baron Ashod also donated soccer and volleyballs to the schools. And while in Aradashad, with donations from the Chicago Chapter of the Knights of Vartan in which he is a member, Baron Ashod purchased twenty five chairs for the kindergarten class. All nineteen schools received boxes of school supplies as a donation from Baron Ashod.

The Gift of Magic

Bro. Ashod Baborrian, known by many as “Mr. Ash”, who is himself an Armenian immigrant, recently returned from his annual trip to Armenia (a former Soviet country) where each year he donates his time to perform magic shows for school children. This year he visited and performed at eighteen different poorly funded schools, in less than twenty days. Mr. Ash's magical performances are a special treat, not only for the children, but for the teachers as well, as many of them have never had the opportunity to experience the mystical wonders and excitement of magic.

In addition to donating his talent, the cost of the trip, and his time, Mr. Ash also donates school supplies and other various fixtures to the schools. This year, in addition to the usual gift of pens, pencils and erasers, to one very needy school, Mr. Ash donated twenty-five chairs because children had nowhere to sit but on the floor.

While in Armenia, Mr. Ash was fortunate enough to attend a meeting of a newly formed Masonic Lodge, called Ararat. While the Lodge is relatively young, they already have twenty members.

Mr. Ash joined the Valley of Chicago as a member of the Spring Reunion Class of 1989.

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