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Assyria Day to Pass Down Culture

Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 06:29 PM CT

Celebration for youth: Deputy secretary general of the Assyrian Universal Alliance,
Hermiz Shahen, is organising Assyria Day celebrations in Horsley Park. Photo: Wesley Lonergan

This Friday marks an important day for Assyrian communities worldwide.
Assyria Day is on July 1 and hopes to unify and educate young Assyrians about their roots.

Deputy secretary general of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, Hermiz Shahen, said the aim of the day was to "build a bridge" between the Assyrian communities.

"Frankly we don't have a homeland so this day is important to unify Assyrians and to remind them about their culture and traditions," he said.

"We are especially concentrating on the youth and teaching them about our ancestors."

Mr Shahen also hopes the day will raise awareness about the "recent atrocities our people are facing back home".

"One of the reasons behind this day is also learning about how we were forced out of our homelands, which were mainly Iraq, south-east Turkey, Iran and Syria," he said.

"Assyria Day reminds us of our rights to claim back our homeland . . . and to spread awareness about the needs and demands of the Assyrians in Iraq today."

The day will include screening of a documentary outlining the ancient Assyrian history, poems and speeches.

This year, the alliance is celebrating with a free event on Sunday, July 3 from 5pm to 8pm at Ur Ashur, 1677 on the Horsley Drive, Horsley Park.

Assyria Day (Tammuz ~ July 1st)

Assyria Day

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